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British Royal Philatelic Society

Rarities in the Postal Museum of Berlin

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How To Store Your Stamps Right

Stamps as a Profitable Investment

Selecting wines for your collection

The wine collection may consist of one or several bottles or a whole a wine cellar. It all depends on the financial capacity of the collector. Although as a rule, the wines of the same brand are purchased by boxes (box of six bottles, where each bottle is 0.75 liters). Especially popular with collectors of fine wines is a 1.5-liter bottle (the so-called "magnum"), the wine of very high quality and only the best years is poured in this bottles.

The Biggest BMW Motorcycle Collection for Sale

The world's largest collection of BMW motorcycles from those which belonged to the same collector, will be sold at the auction. The auction will take place in the end of the year.

The biggest amber collections in Lithuania

Amber is the only semi-precious stone, that can be found in Lithuania, and tourists from all over the world are eager to see the collection of this solar treasure. Everyone who goes to Lithuania, should bear in mind that there are two museums of amber in this country.

Breguet - the Royal Watchmaker

Abraham-Louis Breguet was born in January 10, 1747 in the Swiss city of Neuchatel. At the age 15 he was alredy studying the art of watchmaking in Paris. In 1775 he opened his own shop and hired many talented watchmakers for the realization of many projects. Breguet proved to be a good organizer of watchmaking. In the period from 1780 to 1796 Breguet introduced seven improvements in the watch mechanism and all his inventions became an unsurpassed hallmark of the Breguet watches. In 1780 the great master had improved the timing mechanism, and in 1783 there were developed the Breguet watch hands drawing and a separate spring of minute repeater, and in 1788 there was invented the famous Breguet dial.

A Word About Hobbies

Many of us in the spare time are getting engaged in all sorts of hobbies. Not for the profit, but for the happiness of our souls. Hobbies help us to realize our creative potential, to defeat stress, expand our horizons. A great option - when your profession and your hobby are matching.

14 millions for the Star of India!

Hans-Günter Zach - a German collector from Mülheim - has his own museum of old British cars. In his collection there are 27 machines, 24 of which - are the "Rolls Royce" cars! Among those "Rolls Royce" rarities there is the most exclusive and the most expensive - Phantom II 40/50 HP Continental "Star of India", named after the largest sapphire in the world, found in Ceylon. This incredible car was designed in 1934 specifically for the Maharajah of Rajkot city.

The Underwater Museum of Isla Mujeres

Near the Mexican resort of Cancun people are working on the most ambitious underwater project. Each year the National Park on the island of Isla Mujeres (Women's Island) is visited by not less, than seven hundred fifty thousand tourists, that are vacationing on the Mexican coast.

The most cold museum of Istanbul

Museum named Magic Ice is a part of the shopping center "Forum" (Forum Shopping Mall).

Ships in the Bottles

It's no secret that the human history is inextricably linked to the sea. Since the most ancient times, people, were overcoming their fear, travelling across the seas and oceans. In the eternal search for the new lands and new life they were led by an irresistible sense of adventure.

Top 10 most expensive watches

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes
Shoes for men are usually only a way to escape the bad weather and keep their feet dry and warm, but for women shoes are more than that - for women shoes are a piece of art. It's enough to remember all this celebrities, who are so found of collecting the masterpieces of the worldwide footwear industry. Sometimes the price for one pair of shoes can reach incredible astronomical proportions. Thus, we present you the Top Ten most expensive women's shoes in the world:
1. Stuart Weitzman for a long time already is a worldwide recognized leader in creating the exclusive footwear, many of his works are inspired by fairy tales, but not all of them. The impetus for the creation of the most expensive shoes in the world were the earrings that belonged to the actress from 40's - Rita Hayworth. These two cute little things, adorned with rubies, diamonds and sapphires have been temporarily borrowed by the designer from the celebrity's daughter and attached to a pair of brown satin shoes. The honor to wear the world masterpiece worth of three million dollars went to the actress Kathleen York at the Oscar 2006.
2. Another famous creation of Stuart Weitzman are the Cinderella's shoes, however, they were not made of crystal (as it supposed to be by the famous tale), but of diamonds weighing five hundred ninety-five carats. Lightweight shoes on the foot seem to be weightless and, indeed, they must be originating from a fairy tale. It is not so easy to stand on those shoes, because the heel has a height of 11 centimeters. This is why the singer Alison Krauss was very afraid to fall down at the Oscar 2004. And one more cute little nuance of the shoes, especially eye-catching - a five carat diamond of amaretto color, like a drop of blood of Cinderella's sister, whose foot could not fit the shoe. The cost of this fairy tale shoes is two million dollars.
3. Closes the Top Three a masterpiece, equal by it's price to the previous one, but this time the stilettos were not made only with diamonds. Here from the expensive gems was spent a total of twenty eight carats, and the rest was covered with the semi-precious tanzanite (a total weight of a hundred eighty five carats). This time, Stuart Weitzman was not working alone, but in the tandem with a jeweler Le Vian. This incredible shoes were created in 2008 and they are still waiting for "their" princess.
4. Stilettos from the country of Oz are in the fourth place. That's right, it is exactly the stilettos, inspired by the shoes, created for the film about the adventures of a girl called Ellie. As always, the heel has a favorite designer's height of 11 centimeters. Red stilettos are covered with platinum, which housed six hundred forty two different shaped rubies ??weighing a hundred twenty carats. Ruby stilettos for more than one and a half million dollars were supposed to adorn Nicola Churchward at the Oscars, but unfortunately she never wore them... Well, maybe they will wait for the other worthy legs.
5. One of the first stilettos made by Stuart Weitzman were called "the Platinum Guild" and combined two kinds of precious things, that were already described above - platinum and diamonds. On the strips of platinum strands there were installed four hundred sixty four precious stones of different shapes, especially attractive for the eye were the pear-shaped diamonds. And on the red carpet at the Oscar, they walked back in 2002, decorating Laura Harring. The cost of this shoes is slightly more than a million dollars.
6. The collection made by Stuart Weitzman is not only consist of stilettos, there are some shoes too - on the high heels, of course. The most expensive of them are called "Retro Rose". "Retro" because the style of those shoes was popular back in the 40s of last century (probably it is exactly this time is gravitating to the designer), well, with roses everything is clear, we need only to take a look at the shoes. Each of them is decorated with a flower made of almost two thousand diamonds totaling a hundred carats. But unfortunately this wonderful shoes had shared the fate of the Ruby stilettos -  chosen to represent a masterpiece at the Oscars in 2008 screenwriter Diablo Kody refused to wear them. The reason was her rigid contradiction to the glamorous style.
7. The seventh place is occupied by not a precious shoes, but old and very famous, and it is this exactly shoes, that were sold at the Christie's auction for six hundred sixty-six thousand dollars. This shoes were made in 1939 for the filming of The Wizard of Oz. As a basis there were taken the white silk shoes from Shoes Co, and then the designers manually embroidered those silk shoes with the red beads. For the necessary shining effect the surface was decorated with crystals and silver, and to the buckle there was added three decorative elements made of glass. Generally in the world there were seven pairs of shoes like this, the fate of four of them until now is unknown, one pare was stolen from a museum in 2005, so for the present day the remaining two pares became even more expensive.
8. At the Oscars in 2007 there were literally shining the stilettos under the name Diamond Dream. Here Stuart Weitzman again did not work alone, but with a jeweler Kwiat. Stiletto (as usual, with the 11 centimeters heel), the platinum lines and almost one and a half thousand pure small brown diamonds weighing thirty carats. Honor to wear this pair of shoes went to the actress Anika Noni Rose. The cost of those stilettos is half a million dollars.
9. At the end there are the ancient oriental shoes belonging to the XVIII century. Their owner was an Indian prince Nizam Sikandar Jah. Created in the ancient oriental style, this shoes are decorated with diamonds and rubies. Although Indian prince, apparently, did not like them and wore them only once. The cost of this old shoes is one hundred sixty thousand dollars, although possibly this price could be bigger, if they were put up for the auction. But the oriental shoes are not for sale, they are the property of Shoe Museum in Toronto.
10. Lovers of the sports shoes do not have to worry, Nike - the diamond running shoes - close the Top Ten. Two exclusive pairs were made on a special order by Laced Up. Chocolate-colored diamonds weighing eleven carats adorn the model, named Air Force 1, and it costs fifty thousand dollars. Antwan "Big Boy" Patton became the lucky owner of that luxury shoes.

Shoes for men are usually only a way to escape the bad weather and keep their feet dry and warm, but for women shoes are more than that - for women shoes are a piece of art. It's enough to remember all this celebrities, who are so found of collecting the masterpieces of the worldwide footwear industry.

The most unusual museums

Coming to the new places, tourists rush to see all possible attractions, visit museums, explore the exhibits. However, some museums are absolutely unique, they are not even  similar to our usual common idea of a museum. "Travel for Life" identified the most bizarre museum collections from all over the the world.

Make money out of collecting

Collectible Cars - The most expensive vintage cars

The largest collections of a Barbie dolls

Collectibles and gold

Stamp Collection and its Effect in the Stamp Market

Stamp collection is one of the most popular hobbies around the world.

New Features of Mac OS Lion - Security

Mac OS Lion - Full Screen & Mission Control

Features of Mac OS Lion - Auto Saving, Versions, and Resume

Choosing a Reliable Mouse for your Computer

Users are not irritated by anything more than a non-functional mouse while working. Commonly, when users have any issues with their mouse, they tend to press the buttons harder than required or violently shake the mouse. However, these can further add to the problems while using the mouse.

Tips on changing keyboard language with Mac OS X

The Mac OS X version enables users to modify the language in menu and prompts through the language and text function.

Determining the IP/MAC address in OS X

Every machine connected to a specific network is provided a unique IP address, which is like a telephone number provided by the service provider.

What is SSD ?

Several individuals are curious to know the meaning of SSD. Moreover, most of these individuals are unable to find the answers that provide a simple explanation without being very technical.

The SSD, which is the abbreviation for solid-state drive is a kind of a hard drive. Also referred to as a flash drive, the architecture of the SSD is significantly distinct from the regular hard drives. These drives are provided with specialized memory chips that can be erased and overwritten that contains information even when in the switched off mode. Consider the SSD as the bigger cousin of a memory stick.

Understanding FTP and its applications

Although, you may not be aware of the terminology FTP, it is an important tool that is beneficial during the development of a site. FTP is the abbreviated form commonly used to refer to File Transfer Protocol. This tool is an application that enables users to relocate files from one location to another location.

Understanding image formats with a simple technique

The five of the commonest formats used for classifying images include JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF. In the following discussion, we shall try to provide an understanding on these formats in simple words. Moreover, we shall try to provide users on how to differentiate between the formats and their uses.

Tweaking the Windows system

Disabling System Restoring

Users must disable the systems restoring option to free disk space; however, ensure that a backup mechanism is available.

New Features of Mac OSX 10.7 Lion - Installation

The first question is about the how to install the new OS. Do you need to take a bus to get to an Apple distributor, purchase the upgraded version, return home, remove the discs, and …..

The need of antivirus program on your Mac

When I first procured my Mac computer, I was informed that a virus attack on my machine was not likely and would not require any additional protection. What would you advise?

Backing up Skype chat logs history with Windows and Mac

Skype provides archiving facilities for your chat sessions while storing these on the machine’s hard drive provided users enable the option.

Owning Books: A Short History

The practice of collecting books was first introduced in Greece. During those times, only the wealthy have the right and privilege to collect books and start their private library.

Besides those private libraries owned by wealthy families, there are public libraries that made books accessible to the masses. Wealthy family also owned these libraries; as opposed to the modern public libraries, which are owned and financed by governments or organizations.

Screensaver’s controls are Grayed Out - what should you do to unlock it?

You have been working much, and finally you got several minutes and decided to spend them on your desktop personalization, found a good-looking screensaver and decided to install it, but encountered a problem. Buttons are grayed and system does not allow you to do that. Everything may be even worse – the tab with Screensaver configuration in Display Properties may be missing, but stay calm. This article will help you to find a solution to this situation.

Watch Collection - Extra Comments and tips

The price of a watch and its resale value is something that is unpredictable. You cannot be sure about which price would go up or which would come down.

The Book Collection

The idea of starting one’s own library with a number of books, both the fiction type and the non-fiction type, was first introduced in Greece. This was considered to be the rights and privileges of wealthy families, during the olden times.

Grading your coins

This is one of the most important processes done on a coin to determine its condition, and thereby its value.

Doll Collection

This is one of the hobbies that had been actively followed by many people over decades. There are people who dedicate their interests on dolls, doll houses, their maintenance etc. never consider that this is the hobby meant only for girls.

Where to Find Good Comic Books to Add to Your Collection

Comic book collecting is one of the most popular collection hobbies out there. It is also one of the easiest yet pleasurable ways to spend on your spare time.

The World of Comic Book Collecting

Our world, it seems, gets busier and busier by the hour. Everybody is always running about to make deadlines, to get to work on time, to run errands. Each one of us, it seems, has always something important to do.

An evaluation of Vintage watches and Modern watches

Before you start with all the assortment of you have to analyse and determine what type of watch you are looking for, whether it be a modern watches which has a rugged look, or a vintage watch that is rare and collectible. One should understand that both these types have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Collecting an Assortment of Watches: How to start collecting

Collecting watches may be a confusing hobby. Not only that, it can be an expensive one too. It can be a worthy investment too, something to leave behind for your children. It is because there are numerous different watches available, the wide range and variety might be mind-boggling.

The Art of Book Collection

Collecting books is an endeavour that can either be a hobby or a more serious vocation. Many people who love to read and collect books, also called bibliophiles, collect books as a hobby; they collect for the sake of collecting and to build up their own private library.

Data moving from Old Mac in New

The Black Penny

Scandal in Monaco

Philatelic News

Stamps And Advertising

Stamps in the United States

Types of Internet Connections

In choosing an internet connection, it is very important to consider your location and specially your budget. There are a lot of choices that can be considered. However, it is a common denominator among people, whether they utilize the internet for work or play, to opt for with a fast web connection.

Philatelic Pirates

Inverted stamps

Collecting Toy soldiers

Would you like your son to become a great writer or an outstanding statesman? Than maybe you shoul buy for his next birthday a set of toy soldiers. At the same time you by yourself may join this relatively rare nowadays, but very prestigious and exciting hobby.

Wax Figures Collection of Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussaud's wax museum is one of the most interesting museums in the world. And no wonder - here you can see the famous stars, kings and monarchs of different ages and epochs. This museum was established on the basis of the exhibition, which was first held in 1770 by Dr. Phillip Curtis, very well known in France.

Antique Weapons

According to many collectors, the antique sword is much more reliable than any currency. But until now only very few wealthy aesthetes are investing their money in the antique weapons. "I would like to buy a cannon of the early XIX century" - such ads are constantly appearing on the specialized web-sites for collectors. But mostly the weapon fanciers are buying much less impressive items: battle axes, swords and old pistols. However, it is hard to say, which exactly kinds of weapons are more popular.

The Most Ridiculous Tourist Complaints

"Why the sand on the beach is too white and why there are too many fish in the sea?" - this and many other incredibly ridiculous complaints receive the British tour operators "in gratitude" from their customers every year. Tour operators decided not to be lazy, and have gathered a collection of the funniest comments, that the tourists make on their holidays.

Essen: Art and Collecting instead of Manufacturing

When in the middle of the twentieth century, the demand for coal began to fall precipitously, in front of the German town Essen, the entire modern history of which was somehow connected with the development of coal fields, arose a very specific question - how to actually survive and keep going?

Virtual Museums

Record Collecting

Generally the Record Collecting means exactly collecting recordings of various content. It can be the art recordings (musical creativity, broadcasts, radio performances) or the documentary recordings (soundtracks of some historical events, speeches of some famous politicians, recordings of natural sounds, voices of animal and birds, the recorded noises of motors and machinery, etc.).

The Scale Models Collecting

The scale model collecting has almost 70 years of history. It is unlikely that the French salesmen, selling cars, could imagine, where their ingenuity will come. That is how it all happened.
To make it easier for the future car buyers to imagine and submit their purchase, the sales agents had to carry a precise scale models of the original cars, that they were offering. And the most popular scale of 1:43 have been chosen after the extensive consultation with the engineers, artists, and even ... with the doctors. According to the experts, the models of that exactly scale are at the same time giving the right idea of the original car and are easy to manufacture. Over time, there appeared scale models of the other sizes that are multiples or close to the multiplicity of 43 - 1:87,1:160, 1:24, 1:12.

Philipp Ferrary - the King of Stamps

Philipp Ferrary was one of the greatest stamp collectors of all ages. His collection was the largest in the world, and included all known at the time philatelic rarities. So far no one could gather a bigger collection, than Philipp Ferrary. He was called "the King of postage stamps".

Famous Musicians and Philately

Many famous personalities, representatives of all kinds of professions were fond of collecting stamps. Maybe the most prominent among them are musicians. Among the stamp collectors we find the names of the composers Dmitry Kabalevsky and Kar Karaev, Russian conductor Yuri Silantev and American conductor Leopold Stokowski, the Austrian composer Robert Stolz and the head of company that produces world-famous grand pianos - Theodore Steinway. With some of them were happening really fascinating stories.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses
How will the most expensive dress look like? The whole net of a golden threads, a scattering of diamonds or just a silhouette made by a famous designer? Let's try to answer this question by looking at the top 10 most expensive and luxurious dresses.
1. Of course, one of the most beautiful and expensive dresses are the wedding ones. The conqueror of a first place is made by the designer Renee Strauss, and - of course - this magnificent dress is decorated with the precious stones, offered by a famous jeweler Martin Katz. This masterpiece cost twelve (!) million dollars. The only problem is, that this lovely dress is looking for it's owner for more than two years by now.
2. The second place is taken by the dress, that is slightly cheaper and much more extravagant. It is designed by Scott Henshall. In this extraordinary clothing that resembles a web, encrusted with three thousand diamonds, the Irish singer Samantha Mamba has appeared at the premiere of the "Spider Man-2" movie - in 2004. It was very unusual and provocative.
3. Closes the top three another wedding dress, this time it is a result of a hard work of Japanese designer, so it turned out magnificently (at the recent decade the Japanese have done were very well decorating different items with jewels, to recall at least one of the most expensive dolls and Christmas tree from Tanaka). But in this dress there is something unreal and puppetry, and also it is a bit short for the wedding dress. The corset is embroidered with exactly one thousand pearls, and a special dignity as well give a green diamond weighing 8.8 carats and golden diamond - 5 carat. The cost of this dress is nine million dollars.
4. Back in 2000 Mary Grahfogel became one of the first designers to take a risk and combine a bold idea with the sparkling diamonds. At that time such expensive dresses could not find the consumer. But, nevertheless, a dress with a corset made of silk and a transparent trail found it's buyer for almost two million dollars. The number of shining stones decorating the dress is two thousand.
5. Another wedding dress - this time from the American designer Anthony La Bate of Francesca Couture. This wonderful dress was sewed by the order of one happy, wealthy 23-year old bride. This masterpiece is made of organza, and one thousand one hundred diamonds weighing three hundred carat and three thousand Swarovski crystals make this dress to shine brighter, than the most shining star. But the cost is considerably more modest than in the leaders, only three hundres thousand dollars. It's a pity, well, maybe this dress is not very original, but it is certainly beautiful.
6. But all dresses, that are mentioned above look pale before the masterpiece made by Tanaka. While the dress came out relatively cheap - only two hundred fifty thousand dollars. But it is very original. This genius created so many things from gold -  copies of the famous towers, children's toys and dinner sets. And now - this dress. It was created from the finest threads of gold and weighs slightly more than one kilogram. But the weight of the dress is not so insignificant when it makes you feel like Cleopatra.
7. Regarding Christian Dior, there is nothing to say - they are always on top. His dress, imitating the royal outfits from the past epochs were worth around two hundred thousand dollars each. And the real Queens of the catwalk were presenting them to the public: Amber, Karen, Shalom, Helena, Naomi, Stella, Lily Cole.
8. Apparently the dress, in which Melanie Trump was getting married is from the same royal collection from Dior. Since it costs two hundred thousand dollars and was originally not meant for the wedding, but the millionaire probably decided that this lovely dress would be a perfect fit for such a significant event. Ninety meters of satin embroidered with silver can make you look like a Snow Queen and no one will be able to take his eyes away from you. This masterpiece was absolutely hand made and it's creation took five hundred fifty hours of work.
9. Christian Lacroix is ??not staying far behind the other designers. And although his outfit is a total of one hundred fifty thousand dollars, but it was so delightful, light and airy that it became a real feast for anybody's eyes. The dress was made "a la Queen of elves". And to achieve this feeling there was used the gentle pastel chiffon and golden prints, giving the dress an elegant nobility. The whole set has a crown in addition. Well, what kind of Queen it would be without a crown?
10. The wedding dress of Jennifer Lopez closes our top 10. This dress is quite modest by today's standards. The masterpiece made by the famous and magnificent Valentino was worth of fifty thousand dollars and back in 2001 seemed to be an extravagant luxury, but today it will hardly surprise anybody.

How will the most expensive dress look like? The whole net of a golden threads, a scattering of diamonds or just a silhouette made by a famous designer? Let's try to answer this question by looking at the top 10 most expensive and luxurious dresses.

Start Your Collection of Original Cups

The most unusual cups for coffee and tea from all over the world can be a great idea for an inexpensive and original collection for those, who like to be creative and appreciate extraordinary design.

How to store your collection of coins

Phone Cards - unusual collectibles

The History of Collecting

Metropolis: an unusual collection of porcelain in the form of palaces, churches and skyscrapers

Collectors Communities All Over the World

People all over the world share a love for collecting things. Whether they are serious collectors or just hobbyists who do it for fun, people collect anything from coins, paper money, currencies, and stamps to antique cameras, watches and books. Many people spend a great deal of money for collectible items that they want.

Mac OS Lion - iCal, Address Book, AirDrop

Features of Mac OS Lion - Mail

One application that most people spend a great deal of time in is Mail and it's received a lot of love from Apple in this update with a brand new layout.

Creating Shortcut to Enable or Disable Aero Transparency functionality in Windows 7 or Vista

In line with my aim to provide users with every secret stored by the Windows Vista and 7 OS, this article focuses on providing short cut method to activate or deactivate the transparency function in the OS. Although, I do not find this option of much use, there will at least one person who reads this article to find it beneficial.

Tips and tricks for windows media player 11

Restarting a Hanged Mac

An explanation of LCD Panel Technology

Several different types of paneling techniques are used to produce LCD monitors. These include the budget TN paneling to more expensive and professional panels, such as the S-PVA and S-IPS panels. Generally, a common person is unaware of the paneling technique used in his or her LCD.

Understanding Torrent

Several individuals who work in the computer world are known to engage in Torrenting every day. This is an excellent method that allows sending and receiving files between different users and their machines. The application is widely used for numerous legal uses in the programming and systems over the globe. Nonetheless, torrenting is commonly used for illegal copy write breaches like exchanging music files between users.

Is disk defragmentation recommended with Mac OS X?

Optimizing (defragmenting) the disk is the method that streamlines the files that are located physically on the disk. The files and meta-data are arranged to enhance the time taken to access these while reducing the time that is taken for the moving of the head of the hard disk.

Changing the location of My Docs in Windows

Have you just purchased a new machine with Windows 7/Vista installed and not many other applications? This is a good chance to rectify some errors in the incorrect file structures of the machine.

New Features of Mac OS Lion - Movements, Scrolling, Launchpad

Tips to uninstall apps in Mac OS X

The uninstallation of apps from a Mac OS X is significantly diverse from the process followed in a machine running on Microsoft Windows. The primary reason is that the Mac OS X is not related to the Windows Registry. The Windows OS include an in-built uninstallation program that can be used to add or delete programs from the control panel.

Reversing Lion’s Mouse Scrolling back to Snow Leopard’s

The new OS X Lion introduces a novel natural scrolling option to its users.

Right clicking on the Macbook

Do you miss right clicking on your Mac Book Pro?

When vintage becomes vogue: antique watch collection

What goes around eventually comes around and the fashion statements once rejected as passé, come back as “trendily vintage”.

Starting a Collection of Pocket Watches

When it comes to collecting pretty watches that are to be kept in your pocket, you may be a lot confused and a lot of questions may come up as on what type of watch to buy and from where.

The Software for the Book Library

The main advantage of The book library software is that you will be able to simply install the software into your system and input the data of your books into it.

Grading your coins - continued

After this, many other grading systems were introduced. Some of these systems were highly perceived compared to the others.

How to Get a Good Collection of Comic Books

Today’s world is quite busy and doesn’t have much time for any extracurricular activities. Yet, most of the people find some time always to spare for their hobbies they love, may it be knitting, stamp collection, coin collection, reading or anything. The collection of comic books is one among the most common hobbies that can be found among a large number of people today.

A Guide for Comic Book Collection

Though the internet and satellite TV as taken up most of the place in the leisure time of the people, the comic books are still sought for by most of the people, and the demand for these types of books haven’t gone down as badly as the other books.

Books Rapidly Being Replaced by the eBook Industry

Over 203 million people use the Internet in the United States. In China, there are about 100 million. Worldwide, there are about 1.26 billion people who use the Internet for different purpose – whether it be for communication, for business, for learning, or for fun.

Coin collection: the Hobby of Kings

Coin collection is perhaps among the oldest practiced hobbies in the world and is popular among both old and young alike. It has also been termed as ‘hobby of Kings’.

The Complicated parts of Watches

Watches are intricate little machines that are as much an integral part of our lives since man decided to build a mechanism that tells time instead of having to rely on the position of the sun. Most people never think about what makes it all work, as long as it tells the correct time, it’s a good watch but some people take watches and watch-making seriously.

Using Software to Organize Your Private Book Collection

These days, it is very easy to find a book in the library and check it out.

Coin Grading - continued

Terms like interest factor and liquidity factor are frequently used in correlation with grading.


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