Collectibles and gold

Passion for collecting is living inside us - people - for a long time. Even the ancient people were picking up everything that they found interesting or attractive, everything that seemed familiar, but in reality was different. Time was passing and the number of items that could be gathered in the entire collections was continuously growing.


Now there are hundreds of types of collectibles, people are collecting everything - stamps, labels, coins, awards, calendars, caps ... Everything that was created by man can be collectible.
People also are collecting gold. In all it's diversity. But the various objects made of gold, are belonging to a different kinds of collecting.

The first golden coins were minted several thousand years ago. Now these golden circles (and not only circles) with the intricate patterns are stored in museums and hundreds of thousands collectors all over the world would dream to own those precious items.


gold coins bag


Numismatics - is collecting coins, and of course, the golden  coins are attracting collectors in the first place. Those coins are not only an excellent exhibits of the collection, but also a great investment.

However, the true collectors are not attracted by the material value of coins, including the golden ones, they are attracted by their cultural value and accessibility (or rather - a lack of access, because the more rare is the coin, the more collectors are dreaming to have it in their collection).

Of course, the golden coins are the most popular collectibles, made of this metal. But they are not the only golden items, that people collect.




There is such a kind of collecting, as faleristics - the central subject of collecting there are primarily the medals.
Faleristers are also "lucky" with such a material as gold - all over the world there are many orders and medals, made with the usage of gold - one way or another. It is not easy to become the owner of a golden medal and, unfortunately, not every collector can afford it.

In many museums can be seen collections, compiled from a variety of golden objects - dishes, figurines and sculptures, clocks, stationery and more. A golden jewelry of different ages is also a very popular object of collecting, and especially prized are the jewelries of the past, made many centuries ago.


gold stamp 50c australia


Ironically, even such traditionally "distant" from the gold collectors, as philatelists, as well from time to time add to their collection of stamps those items, that are made with the usage of gold. In post offices in many countries has become a good tradition to release brand image which is made with gold. There are even known the cases where stamps were issued in a golden foil.

Also gold by itself is a great collectible. Many collectors are gathering large collections, consisting of nuggets in different shapes and sizes. Most of these collections are gathered by the professional geologists and prospectors.

Collecting gold in one form or another has united two passions of people - the passion for collecting and a the passion for gold. Therefore, the interest of the people in all subjects, which contain gold, is making some sort of a "double" sense.




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