The Most Ridiculous Tourist Complaints

"Why the sand on the beach is too white and why there are too many fish in the sea?" - this and many other incredibly ridiculous complaints receive the British tour operators "in gratitude" from their customers every year. Tour operators decided not to be lazy, and have gathered a collection of the funniest comments, that the tourists make on their holidays.

For example, a traveler presented a claim to the travelling agency because of the fact that the three-room suit of his friend was much bigger than one-bedroom apartment, which he have chosen by himself. Other vacationers could not hide from your their operator the irritation at the fact that they spent nine hours for a flight from Jamaica to Britain, while Americans spend for this way only three hours.




Someone complained that the Ray Ban sunglasses, that he bought from a street vendor for five dollars, turned out to be a fake. Someone chided his travel agent in the fact that he was not warned about the need to wear his swimwear at the Aqua Park. Another tourist was about to hit the travel agency for the fact that the employees did not tell him that the mosquitoes, actually, bite.
But the first charts of complaints take the comments about the fact that in Spain there are too many Spanish, and that there is too much curry in the Indian restaurants.

According to the statistics from the British tour operators, the number of complainants is growing every year. If in 2007, 19 552 people complained from their trips, in 2008 there was already 22,000 unhappy tourists. And for the first three months of 2009 there was received 10% more complaints, than over the same period last year.


The most ridiculous complaints made by the British tourists:

  • "Nobody told us that there is fish in the sea. Our kids were amazed."
  • "I was bitten by mosquitoes, no one warned me that they bite."
  • "The sand at the beach was white, although at the brochure it was yellow."
  • "I was very surprised that almost every restaurant is serving curry. I do not like spicy food."
  • "We must ban topless sunbathing on the beach. The vacation was completely destroyed, because my husband all the time was looking at the naked women."
  • "We had to stand in the line in the heat, without air conditioning."




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