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Switzerland has released another amazing philatelic product. It is unique indeed, because as a matter of fact - it is the first in the history of a mankind online postage stamp.

And these miracles are happening in our time. People have finally learned to produce the interactive stamps. The idea to create such a wonderful product was born in a small European country. So, what is this new philatelic product like?

This stamp is dedicated to the winter sports. On the surface of the product there is a special postal code. It has a very ordinary hyperlink that would be readed by the mobile phone. The code, that the producers of the product named "BeeTagg", can be scanned by your phone, if you will start the video function. Therefore, after reading the stamp, your phone will open the online games site, where leads the hyperlink. And the game is situated at the touristic site in Switzerland.

The new technology will allow to use a revolutionary new opportunities for advertising. Price for the new online stamp is - one franc.

A Rare Stamp Was Found And Prepared For Sale

In Germany, this year will be sold the world-famous and a very rare stamp. It will happen at the auction, that would be held in May. This was reported by the German mass-media.

The sred-mauritiustamp is called "Mauritius Post Office" - red one penny (also it is called sometimes the "Red Mauritius"). The sale of this unique product will be held at the World Philatelic Fair.

Several years ago, a rumor flew around the philatelic world, that the collector from Cologne had found a stamp, that was lost long time ago - the "Red Mauritius." The atempts to find the stamp lasted nearly twenty years. The collector, having inherited it from his ancestors, was quite confident that the stamp was stolen. Although, in fact, he himself hid it from thieves. And he made it so well, that he forgot exactly where the stamp was. Now, finding a loss, he is ready to sell it at the auction.

Stamps "Red Mauritius" and "Blue Mauritius" (the blue colored two pence) are considered the world's rarest. Both were published back in 1847. This order was given by the governor of St. Mauritius - he wished to use these stamps to send out invitations to the ball, which was held annually.

Today all over the world there are preserved only 14 copies of the "Red Mauritius." Some of them are kept in the museums, and the rest belong to the collectors. One of them will be sold at the auction in Germany this spring.

Stamp From The Cinema World

In December of this year there will be issued a postage stamp dedicated to the 117th anniversary of the premiere of the first film in the history of humanity. This was reported by the European mass-media.
December 28, 1895 in France, there was shown the very first movie in the world. This event occurred in Paris at the Grand Cafe - the institution, located on the Boulevard des Capucines. And the inventors of the extraordinary for that time phenomenon, named cinema, were the Lumiere brothers. It was their initiative to organize the world's first cinema show, which could be visited by anyone.




On the day of the premiere organizers of the unusual presentation had managed to sell only thirty-five tickets. The price for each of them was only one franc. Yet cinema has won a great popularity among people. Subsequently, there were a long lines of those, who wished to see the films, made by Lumiиre brothers. Everyone wanted to enjoy the movie. No wonder - no one had ever seen anything like this before. Cinema has spread quite rapidly in all European countries. And then it conquered the entire world.

The new stamp will be depicting Lumiere brothers on the background of the first in the world cameras and films, which are now a true symbols of cinema. Estimated circulation of the product - 20,000 copies.
In addition, in December in Paris, there is going to be an exhibition, dedicated to the cinema industry. Similar events have been organized more than once. One of them - only a few years ago. It was timed to the 115th anniversary of cinema.

Fjord On A Postage Stamp

In Norway there was released a postage stamp. However, this philatelic product has turned out to be not quite usual. Instead of the well-known personality or some historical event, the Norwegian fjord is depicted on a stamp.

The stafjord-stampmp depicts the landscape of the northern country. Tourists from all over the world are travelling to Norway exactly to see the legendary fjords. After all, the travel packages are not only gifts for women or men on a certain occasions, but also a great opportunity to see the world. The area where the fjord is located, is called Finnmark. The eastern part of it is located on the border with Russia. There are no mountains in Finnmark, only the rounded hills and uplands.

They are washed by the Arctic Ocean. It is in the eastern part of Finnmark are situated the largest fjords: Tan, Porsanger, Lax and Varanger. Designers desided to present one of them on the philatelic product. Now, philatelists from all over the world can enjoy the image of the fjord, flowing between the rocks. This stamp, for sure, will be interesting not only to the philatelists, but also to those who are fond of geography, as well as to the future artists and designers. Circulation of this philatelic product is 10,000 copies. This stamp has already expanded the best philatelic collections of the world.

Diamond Stamps Are Published In The United Kingdom

In January of this year in England just a in few days, philatelists bought all the stamps decorated with tiny faceted diamonds. Issue of this unique philatelic product was confined to the royal - literally and figuratively - jubilee that is to be celebrated this year in the UK.

As everyone knows, in February this year it will be sixty years since the accession to the throne of the Queen of Great Britain. Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952 after the death of her father - King George VI. At this point Elizabeth II is one of the most long ruling British monarchs in history. In addition to the Great Britain itself, there are over a dozen independent countries around the world in the possession of the Queen. According to the traditions of the Great Britain, the Queen should not have any effect on the country, performing a function of the representative of the state. However, despite this, she could successfully manage to strengthen the authority of the monarchy. Which has a beneficial effect on the socio-economic level of living.

Totally in the Great Britain there were issued several hundreds of this unique stamps, dedicated to the anniversary. A set of two stamps is worth of about two hundred dollars.


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