New Features of Mac OSX 10.7 Lion - Installation

The first question is about the how to install the new OS. Do you need to take a bus to get to an Apple distributor, purchase the upgraded version, return home, remove the discs, and …..


Well you do not need to undertake this long process. Users only need to log on to the Mac Apps Store, pay the amount of USD 29 and begin the download procedure. After some time (since the file is 3.74 GB to download) you need to “Install Mac OSX Lion” in the application folder and the dock. The company is very lenient on the installer and users can copy the same to any home machine. Like other instances, the application does not have any serial number or DRM.

Some interesting events are occurring when users double click on the installer. The program creates an unseen division on the primary drive while on the fly, installs a clear backup copy of the LION in the division and then installs the new upgraded version from that location. The program automatically moves the other compatible applications and settings, which is similar to previous upgrades. Moreover, any incompatible applications, such as the ones that run on Rosetta, and Apple’s PowerPC translator are not migrated. Based on user experiences and reviews, it is seen that the process is strong without any problems.

However, you must be aware of some things. Being the POINT-OH version, users will find some problems in the OS. Therefore, users must refrain from installing the OS on important machines and specially on music studios machines. The reason being that with each upgrade, third party audio workstations plug-ins are becoming incompatible with LION. Adobe users also report about problems with some of their applications, which surprisingly include Flash.




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