A Guide for Comic Book Collection

Though the internet and satellite TV as taken up most of the place in the leisure time of the people, the comic books are still sought for by most of the people, and the demand for these types of books haven’t gone down as badly as the other books.

This is because the way in which these books present a story and make people laugh and enjoy, cannot be replaced by any other means of entertainment, may it be the games on the internet or the programs and TV shows in the TV. Due to this wide demand, the collection of these books has also grown greatly, and even the new generation kids enjoy reading such comics.

For the beginners in comic book collection, there are some important facts to be known. Some people may be fans of a special hero character or a specific publisher, and such people buy the comic books for the entertainment purpose. They do not consider the market value the book may have later on. Some other collectors try to get the limited edition books that are rare to find and these will have great market value if sold. But if you are collecting for the purpose of money, you should make sure you know the market before you jump into spending your money. Moreover, an initial fund is also required to start such a collection, as the rare editions would be costlier compared to the normal ones.

There are 5 eras in the whole history of comic books. They are the Platinum age, which is the oldest period from1800s to the year 1937, then comes the Golden Age from the year 1938 to 1955, then the Silver Age from the year 1956 to 1969, the Bronze Age from 1970 to 1979 and the Modern Age, from the year 1980 till today. These classifications were done based on the way in which the books were written, published, distributed etc in each era. The most valuable books are obtained from the olden eras usually, but even the Modern era has many good and unique collections of books.

The modern day collectors can find a lot of outlets where they can get the books needed to start their collection. The internet gives the collectors access to a number of rare comic books that are very difficult to find. With the click of the mouse, you can find the book that you need from sites like the e-bay, Craiglist etc. They are the most common outlets for collectors who search online, but for people who prefer the traditional methods, there are still the book shows, comic book stores and moreover, conventions for comic book collectors. They still remain the best sources for the newest publications that are available in the market. Any collector will find most of the books he is looking for in one of the outlets explained here.

There are also some other points to be kept in mind when you begin a collection of comic books. One point is that these books are often graded to keep a track on their condition. This grading is done by professional third parties and they seal the comic books in protective sleeves, to preserve the integrity of the book. Another thing that a collector would need is the guide to know the pricings of the books in the market and their market sales report which can give you a fair idea about each particular book you are looking for.

Collection of comic books has been going on for decades, and the demand for such books has never ceased. As new publishers and new comic characters emerge, the demand for the comic books also stays alive among the people, regardless of the age and class. The best part of the book collection hobby is that it can always provide new things to learn all time. And this surely can be considered as one of the most rewarding hobbies.



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