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Virtual Museum of Absinthe

If you do not know what absinthe is or had never tried it, the Museum of absinthe will fill this gap.

Here you will find a large collection of bottles, special cups and, of course, special spoons. There are many ways of having absinthe, but each and any of them can not do without a special spoon, which is used for the sugar. The Absinthe Virtual Museum houses a vast collection of different spoons. From those, that are made by the special order of the expensive metal to a simple, homemade, found in the soldier's trenchers.

A special place in the museum is occupied by the literature and art, created under the influence of absinthe, or in the name of it. After all, this strange drink inspired many people - from the simple card manufacturers, to the great Picasso. Absinthe was often used by the imaginary literature characters of the last century.


Virtual Museum of Corkscrews

For those who like to drink in a simple way, there is a unique museum of corkscrews. Corkscrew - is a long-standing human invention. The first known Club of Corkscrews Collectors was founded in 1877 in Milan.




This and many other interesting facts one can discover on the pages of this museum, which has thirty-three themed rooms dedicated to the corkscrew. The virtual exhibition - is only one of the rooms. There are also: history of creation, collectors club, a selection of literature, cards, dedicated to the corkscrews.Do not be surprised to see the room "Planetarium".

The creators of this museum argue that the thirty types of corkscrews were created to honor thirty constellations.
It is the only museum of all presented, which is created by the visitors themselves. That's why there is a certain simplicity of execution. But the motto of the museum is not "how", but "what".


The Virtual Museum of Food Abnormalities

Nutritional abnormalities - a fused giant cucumber or a strawberry, that is longer than a man's hand. This is also a bizarre shapes, which takes the food during cooking. Scrambled eggs roasted in the form of a rabbit, or a cup of coffee with painted muzzle. In one word - anything that the nature itself or an accident has created with food.


food abnormalities


Not all the photos of the exhibits are perfectly done, but it does not matter. The friendly atmosphere, meeting a new people, some small pleasures - that's what is important.


Virtual Museum of Vintage Postcards

If you are tired of fantasies, weirdness, monsters and anomalies, than maybe it's time for you to see a good retro. The museum of old postcards is a great place for an "emotional vacation". The charm of retro lies in the soft lines, blurred outlines, tinted sepia, totally different looking people.

Famous people and ordinary people, cities and countries, St. Valentine's Day and the Halloween. And, of course, the erotic of the beginning of the last century, which now looks touching and somewhat naive.


Virtual Museum of Fantastic Creatures

On the three floors of this virtual museum, in it's nine halls there is a unique collection of terrestrial and aquatic fantastic creatures. They look like the real things, but honestly - it is the fantasy of Japanese artists, bamboo and paper that are working  wonders here.

Do not be afraid of the fact, that the site is in Japanese, just click on the room and view those amusing monsters. And if you click on the stairs, you can go up or down to another floor. Link will take you to the second floor of the museum: by clicking on a ladder, you'll see a lot of hieroglyphic characters, including a horizontal line, that means "one" (three of those lines mean - the "third" - it's difficult to get lost).


Virtual Museum of Gas Masks

Did you ever had lessons of civil defense at school? Throwing grenades, shooting, horror of the nuclear war and, of course, they were teaching you to be able to put on a gas mask in just a few seconds. How many jokes, pranks and fun it was at these lessons. This can not be forgotten!

The museum has collected almost all the gas masks, that were ever invented in the world. It turns out that the ugly forms of those "apparatus" were not unique to only one certain country.
The upper band with the flags of various countries on the website, is not usual language switching, but a choice of collection. Gas masks are arranged chronologically, you can open the image in a larger size, and some gas masks even have the instruction preserved.



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