Features of Mac OS Lion - Mail

One application that most people spend a great deal of time in is Mail and it's received a lot of love from Apple in this update with a brand new layout.


mac os lion mail 5Messages are at long last to the right of the message list and not below. This makes so much more sense on widescreen monitors. The message list can show a preview of the message (up to five lines) and you can optionally show a sender's thumbnail image if they are in your Address Book file. The default viewing of messages is in a 'conversation' mode where every related message is shown and numbered making it very easy to follow an email thread. This mode also automatically hides all the redundant quoting though you can reveal it if really necessary (with a fun animation).


One of the commonest applications used by a large number of users is Email and has received great acceptance from Apple in the new updated version within the new layout. Messages are now finally displayed at the right side of the messaging list and not below as in the previous versions. This is much more convenient especially on the wide screen monitors. Users can view the preview of the message (up to five lines) on the messaging list. Moreover, users can view the sender’s image if the sender is saved on the Address Book. The default setting of the messaging application is in the conversational mode where the related messages are displayed and numbered that makes it very simple to follow the emailing thread. Moreover, the redundant messages are automatically hidden.

Users have the option of the mail box and the folder side bar from where users are able to drag any of the items to the tool bar located over the messaging window and near the side bar to increase the space. Several commonly used commands are available in the tool bar along with the format control buttons while drafting the email. The search functionality has seen significant development utilizing the new functions of Spotlight that that provide quick search results with auto suggestions. Moreover, after the first keyword search definition, the auto suggestive search for the following keywords is simplified and faster. The functionality is simpler to define and provides an excellent interface. An additional fun-filled feature is that the flags can be any one of the seven pre-defined colors and is not limited to red. The newly launched Mail is a much greater improvement over the previous versions.




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