The Most Expensive Modern Stamp

As one of the most expensive stamps of our time today was recognized the charitable postal stamp featuring a famous actress Audrey Hepburn, published in Germany. This stamp was printed in a series of 2001, the nominal value - 1.10 + 0.50 marks. It shows the actress in a huge hat with a cigarette in her mouth.

The issuing of this stamp was scheduled for October 11, 2001 in a series, dedicated to the famous actors. Among those, who were depicted on those stamps were: Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Jean Gabin, and Ingrid Bergman. The additional fee was intended to be given to those, who suffered the floods.


Audrey Hepburn stamp


The amount of a postal charitable stamp depicting Audrey Hepburn was fourteen million copies. But all those stamps were almost immediately seized in connection with the fact that the son of the actress took the rights to publish it. The reason for this was a cigarette in the mouth of his mother. The whole circulation was almost completely destroyed. there survived only two sheets of 30 copies, that were received by the Philatelic Archives of Post Museum and by the Telecommunications in Bonn, as well as by the archive mail of the Ministry of Finance of Germany.

And also apart from this several copies of the stamp appeared on the envelopes - there are known at least four such cases. How exactly did this happen - remains unexplained.

The first copy of quenching by Schönefeld from October 14, 2003 was sold in October 6, 2006 for 53,000 euros. The stamp stayed in Germany, but the name of it's purchaser was not disclosed.

The second stamp survived was repaid by the Berlin stamp with a date of November 2, 2003. It was sold at the auction for 58,000 euros. This copy also was acquired by the unknown German.

The third copy of the stamp with the image of Audrey Hepburn is in the perfect state and was quenched on February 11, 2004. This time it was sold for 135,000 euros. It's owner was a well-known investor Herd Bennervitz, German by nationality.

Another known copy of this rare contemporary stamp was quenched by a postmark of Hennigsdorf with the illegible date stamp. This copy was exhibited at the philatelic exchange in 2007 in Sindelfingen.



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