The most cold museum of Istanbul

Museum named Magic Ice is a part of the shopping center "Forum" (Forum Shopping Mall).

ice sculptureThe idea of it's creation has a simple explanation - scientists found out, that Vikings had visited the Byzantine Empire as early as the ninth century. This discovery was possible thanks to the inscriptions left on the marble slab by one of the soldiers - now this exhibit is kept in the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.

The first visitors were recieved in the Magic Ice museum last year. On an area of 1412 sq. m a constant temperature is -5 ° C, for the majority of inhabitants of Istanbul visit to a museum - is the first in a lifetime opportunity to experience for themselves the effect of such low temperatures, and learn the culture and life of the people of Scandinavia, that are for centuries living in a harsh and cold climate. Tourists, who come to visit the Magic Ice, can take a break from the hot weather of Turkey and make a trip to the northern countries, without leaving the hospitable warm resort country.

The museum Magic Ice presents the large collection of the ice sculptures, that are created by a unique technology from the so-called "blue ice" by Turkish and Scandinavian artists. Part of the ice that is used for sculptures is produced in Turkey, but almost seventy thousand kilograms of ice were imported from Sweden. The most impressive sculpture of this museum - the Viking ship made of ice (lenght of this sculpture is eight meters). Museum visitors are offered the warm clothes in Eskimo-style. Part of the museum is reserved for an ice maze, in the translucent walls are installed the beautiful multi-colored lights. In the bar guests can order their drinks, served in the ice glasses.

In 2011-2012, the Magic Ice is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. The exact address - Kocatepe Mah. Pasa Cad B1 Blok No.2, Istanbul Forum Avm, Bayrampasa - Istanbul, you can reach it by the subway or by bus (Forum is located near the bus station Otogar).




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