Antique Weapons

According to many collectors, the antique sword is much more reliable than any currency. But until now only very few wealthy aesthetes are investing their money in the antique weapons. "I would like to buy a cannon of the early XIX century" - such ads are constantly appearing on the specialized web-sites for collectors. But mostly the weapon fanciers are buying much less impressive items: battle axes, swords and old pistols. However, it is hard to say, which exactly kinds of weapons are more popular.

First of all, the old weapons are one of the types of antiques. Therefore, in terms of investment swords and pistols can be compared with the old paintings, furniture and other rarities.


Many people are buying the antique weapons as an original gifts or unusual decoration for their homes. However, for those who would like to keep their money invested, it is necessary to acquire the exclusive copies. Their investment attractiveness depends on the skill and ingenuity of a gunsmith, as well, as on the age of a weapon and the quality of professional restoration. Unique items are highly reliable investment. But until now it is harder to find the buyers for the exclusive copies, than for the newer and more popular weapons.

Thus, according to many resources, prices for the perfectly preserved item from any known school, produced in earlier times, is increasing by the average of 20% per year. And the cost of swords, sabers and pistols, that were made at the middle of XIX century, in the overseas markets over the past two years has increased by about 40-60%. By the general opinion of the experts of antique market, the antique weapons are one of the most profitable investments.

Prices for the antique weapons start at one hundred dollars. However, for this amount of money you can buy, probably, only an old hanger, and the value of this item will be very questionable. But, say, a Cricket battle-axe of the late XVI - early XVII century from the Western Europe, combined with a pistol, will cost at least six thousand dollars. On one of the specialized sites for the gun collectors, a shut gun made in 1880 by a German master Heinrich Barrela, the seller requested thirty thousand thousand dollars. In this case the price was largely determined by an excellent, as it was written in the ad, working condition of a gun, as well as by the name of a famous master. Heinrich Barella was the supplier of the King of Prussia himself, and his works are kept in the Historical Museum.

In Western Europe, for example, the cost of a saber made in the mid - late XIX century can range from five or six hundred dollars. In turn, the item, the workmanship of which, the name of the master and the owner are confirmed with the expertise and research, can be sold for several hundred thousand dollars.

The main problem is that due to the lack of a really valuable things in the market, their owners are in no hurry to part with the costly rarities. And if they sell them - only for a very big money. The situation is different in the West - here the offer is much more diverse. According to the experts, the value of antique weapons depends largely on the world market tendencies and the way of rarities transportation across the borders.

By their very nature arms are attracting a certain circle of wealthy people: as a rule, these are men who are involved in the well developed areas of business, are calculating accurately all their investments, and who are realized in life.




Investments in the arms always and at all times were considered reasonable. Prices for the antique weapons are growing, and those special items, that were made by hand and by order five centuries ago, and richly inlaid with precious stones and golden thread, are often priced not less, than a Rolls-Royce. Antiques are more expensive: the army revolver Colt of 45-caliber (serial number 1 made in 1873), got into the Guinness Book of World Records - it was sold at the Christie's auction for $ 242 000 in 1987.

Today, St. George's sword will cost about thirty or even forty thousand dollars, and prices are constantly rising. Collecting antique weapons can be considered as an investment, such as a real estate, but the real estate can go up in price at some times, and may fall - in another. Antique weapons are only getting more expensive.




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