Metropolis: an unusual collection of porcelain in the form of palaces, churches and skyscrapers

If you are from those, who always want to know everything about the most original and stylish new products - then you definitely have to visit Paris - the worldwide famous capital of fashion. It was there, in Paris, at "Maison et Objet" exhibition for the first time presented an unusual collection of art porcelain from the "Metropolis" series, made by the famous company "Atelier Lladro", specializing in the products of this kind.



Metropolis: an unusual collection of porcelain


Ceramic pitchers, lamps, mirrors and jewelry boxes are called "Metropolis" for a reason - all models are designed in the form of an urban buildings. There are presented the skyscrapers and towers, palaces and temples, churches and mosques, in general, everything that can be seen and met in a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis. You may by yourself set all that stuff in the desired order, so you can get your own little town, and decorate it with flowers and other plants - in fact, that is exactly what are the vases for.


Ceramic pitchers, lamps, mirrors and jewelry boxes in the form of an urban buildings


This miniature porcelain buildings are a fine handmade products, and so delicate that it seems that a dozens of elves were spending days and nights weaving them from the best and the most fine yarn with their tiny little hands and then the same elves were embroidering the same fine porcelain ornament. However, the connoisseurs of the unusual porcelain, in particular, made by "Atelier Lladro", already know that the ornamental motifs are a trademark of this company products.


collection of porcelain


In the works done by "Atelier Lladro" you will not find the bright, flashy colors that would distract the observer from the object itself, not allowing him to enjoy the delicate handiwork of the designers. The main designer of "Atelier Lladro", Jaime Hayon, believes that for the comfort of our homes it is quite enough to have soft, pastel and natural shades, to feel comfortable and happy in your house at any time.




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