Collectible Cars - The most expensive vintage cars

Collectors аре a special "trybe". While the majority of average motorists for their whole lives may have only just a couple of cars, in the garage of a collector sometimes there are dozens of cars - standing and collecting dust. These machines in most of the cases are quite capable of independent travelling, but they are doomed to be held as a hostages of their owner's passion. Moreover, the collection may contain both: a super expensive models, and just some little old cheap curiosities, lovingly restored by the master. It all depends on the preferences of the collector and the availability of the necessary funds. But usually as a rule, the main criterion for selecting this or another car for the collection - is something unique about it, some special quality of the car. It is unlikely that the collection will include the popular models, producted by the modern companies. But the cars of celebrities, for example, are a very popular subjects of collecting. Many people would like to have in their collection, for example, a car of Charlie Chaplin, or the car, that belonged to the Rockefeller family.


Rare cars are in the especially great demand among the collectors. People are looking for those cars sometimes for many years. And the collectors never unvail their secrets of finding the rare cars, saying only that there is one rule: the older is the car - the farther it is now from the city. When the car is found, usually it is necessary to restore it, to bring it back in the working condition. And most of collectors are trying to repair the car using only the original spares. If you can not find those spares - you will have to make a custom order.


This summer, specialists in the United States published a list of the most expensive vintage cars


ferrari testa rossa 330


The first place is taken by Ferrari Testa Rossa 330 TRI / LM, produced at 1962 with the 12-cylinder engine. This is the most expensive car, that was ever sold at the auction in North America. In 2002 this car was sold for 6.49 million dollars at the annual auction of sports and classic cars at Monterey (Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction). Under the direction of racers Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien Ferrari was the last front-wheel drive car, that won the Le Man race.


gm futurliner 1950


Next after the car comes the superexpensive bus. A collector bought at auction earlier this year, GM Futurliner bus produced in 1950 for 4.32 million dollars and have not regretted it.


pontiac bonneville 1954


For more than 3 million dollars was purchased the Pontiac Bonneville produced in 1954. This car - colored in "emerald metallic" - was developed by an eminent car designer Harley Earl.


Cuda Convertible of aggressive orange color, produced in 1970, was sold for 2.2 million dollars. Generally by Cuda there was produced only fourteen cars.

Chevelle LS6 Convertible produced in 1970 was owned and operated by the legendary racer - Ray Allen. The new owner of the car had payed for it about 1.2 million dollars.

Many special auctions are held all over the world. For example, an auction of classic and rare cars Barrett-Jackson is celebrating it's 35-th birthday. The organizers decided to make a holiday gift to everyone - they provided the most extensive collection of Corvette, ever auctioned.

Some auction stories are just incredible! The "Williams" team has canceled the previously announced auction of historic cars FW. The reason is simple: the entire collection, which included 20 vehicles (including cars of the champions - Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill), and about 150 others related to "Formula 1" lots (including front suspension components of Damon Hill's "Williams", that was damaged in a memorable collision with the "Benetton" of Michael Schumacher in the "Australian Grand Prix" -94), was bought by a private collector who wished to remain anonymous.




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