14 millions for the Star of India!

Hans-Günter Zach - a German collector from Mülheim - has his own museum of old British cars. In his collection there are 27 machines, 24 of which - are the "Rolls Royce" cars! Among those "Rolls Royce" rarities there is the most exclusive and the most expensive - Phantom II 40/50 HP Continental "Star of India", named after the largest sapphire in the world, found in Ceylon. This incredible car was designed in 1934 specifically for the Maharajah of Rajkot city.


rolls royce phantom 2


For some reason, the collector decided to get rid of his famous "Rolls-Royce". The sum, which was putten up by the auction for this "luxury on wheels" - 14 million dollars! - is much lower than the sum, established by the experts. But even if it is sold at the stated price, it would be a "deal of the century."

The corp of this unique car is called "all-weather convertible" and is designed for seven passengers. This "Rolls Royce" is different from his "relatives" with lots of lighting and the interesting combination of orange with the polished aluminum.

The huge search lights, miniature lamps, mounted in the rear-view mirrors, flashing orange so-called "Flashing lights" - 75 years ago, they announced and warned: "The Maharaja's car is moving!".

And yet another innovation, made in 1934 - "fogs" have a turning mechanism, coupled with the steering shaft!


rolls royce star of india


75-year-old "Star of India" has a six-cylinder engine of 7.7 cubic meters - and this is very typical for the V12 engine of our - XXI - century! The engine of the most famous of the old "Rolls Royces" has an output of 120 hp and is equipped with four-speed gearbox.

An English collector discovered this car during his visit to India. After a lot of trading with the heirs of the Maharaja, in 1968 "Star of India" was brought to England, where he immediately received a special royal license plate "RRR 65" and became the pride of the collection in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The famous "Rolls Royce" first appeared in Germany in 1980, where the car was starring at the prestigious auto show. And eight years later he "settled" in the German city of Spaier in the Polytechnical Museum, among other "Rolls Royce" cars, once owned by an Indian Maharajahs. Soon Hans-Günter Zach bought this rarity for his private museum collection.

The car is still on the run! Sometimes the "old man" is walking "on the promenade," where he charms by his appearance the onlookers passing by in the modern cars.

The auction price for this luxury car can probably be payed only by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, a passionate admirer of "Rolls-Royce" cars. The Sultan has 500 of these machines in his collection, for which he was awarded a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This transaction will anyway be unique, because this "Rolls-Royce" will be the most expensive car in the world, that was ever sold at the auction.




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