Features of Mac OS Lion - Auto Saving, Versions, and Resume

Several users lose information from their machines. Almost all of us have at some point. Even after repeated reminders to take regular backups and saving your work while working, we still lose information or over write a file that was not meant to be saved, or log out without saving the docs. Apple wants to overcome this situation by providing an autosave option for any modifications made in a document while enabling users to browse back to various versions of the same document, which will work similar to the Time Machine platform.


In case the program developer come to a decision of using Apple’s updated document module (which would be a foolish decision if not used), users will never need to focus on saving the documents while working. Moreover, the features store the information on the various open windows when users leave a specific program. This includes the placement of the cursor and any other selection too. This information is then restored when users the next time restart the same applications. Moreover, if you shut down and restart the machine, it will reboot with all the docs that were open and any applications that were previously running when you shut down.

In case users are unsure about this procedure, they can continue manually saving their work or create duplicate files or even lock a specific doc. However, most users view this new feature as a significant development in the field of document management systems. This is however true only after all the developers would adopt this system.




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