The Underwater Museum of Isla Mujeres

Near the Mexican resort of Cancun people are working on the most ambitious underwater project. Each year the National Park on the island of Isla Mujeres (Women's Island) is visited by not less, than seven hundred fifty thousand tourists, that are vacationing on the Mexican coast.

The creators of the underwater museum of sculptures rely on the fact that in the future they will be able to increase the number of visitors at times - because their attention will be attracted to the unique, one-of-its-kind spectacle. At the bottom of the sea there will be a museum, that collected not less than four hundred concrete sculptures.


cancun underwater museum


Ironically, the creation of such a museum - is a real necessity. The fact is that the local authorities are trying to find a compromise in a difficult situation - they need to save the endangered coral reefs, but at the same time not to lose thirty six million dollars, that the foreign tourists annually are bringing to the local treasury. The underwater project worth of three hundred fifty thousand dollars is intended to divert the diver's attention from the colorful fish and anemones, whose population is rapidly shrinking. The fact is that the coral reef is a living organism, constantly collapsing and recovering, but the latest observations of scientists indicate that the rate of destruction exceeds the rate of recovery, and this process is irreversible.


cancun underwater museum


The first phase of this unusual work is completed - under the supervision of several artists and in the strict compliance with the plan of the future underwater museum, on the sea floor there are installed the very first sculptures of the collection: "Dream Collector", "Burning Man" and "The Gardener of Hope." These sculptures, according to environmentalists, are able to slightly delay the destruction of reefs, and hopefully the fish and the shellfish will love them too and use them as a refuge from the intrusive tourists. By April of this year at the bottom of the sea there will be two hundred fifty sculptures, installed at different depths. In the future, any artist may present his creation to the museum and help the world twice: first, by saving the fragile corals and underwater life, second - by bringing a new item to fulfill the collection of one of the most amazing museums in the world.



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