Mac OS Lion - Full Screen & Mission Control

Full Screen

One of the amazingly new features of the iPad is the application being viewable on the full screen. LION provides this feature to Mac users  for developers wanting to utilize the suitable program hooking. Almost all the Apple applications are provided with this capability (you can verify with the updates). This feature is excellent for applications, such as iPhoto, new Mail program, and Garage band, which means all the applications that utilize single multiple pane windows. Applications that require multi windows or require content does not require full screen capabilities. With multiple monitors, the applications utilize a single screen while the other screens remain blank. Alternatively, the screens only display the new omnipresent grey lined backgrounds. However, it may be good to further develop this feature to enable a per screen application. Users can activate this mode by a simple click on the icon located on the top right corner of the screen window. In the full screen display, you can scroll to the screen’s top by moving down the menu bar and users are able to exit through there.


Mission Control

This is one distinct feature that does not flow from the mobile iOS platform. The primary focus of this headline functionality to be combining the Expose, Spaces, and Dashboard functionalities for the sole reason that several users still are not utilizing the very useful screen management functionality.

Activating Mission Control using the Dock, the hot key, or touch screen panel movement results in the receding of the current Desktop in to the background and being overlaid by a series of virtual Spaces Desktops. These include all the full screen applications and the distinct Dashboard Widget Desktop along with the representations of various document windows combined with the icons of the primary application. Users are able to access any window or virtual desktop through this control. Moreover, users are able to drag windows and create new desktops. The new version is faster and simplified, which should prompt larger number of users to zip between the various open docs.




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