Determining the IP/MAC address in OS X

Every machine connected to a specific network is provided a unique IP address, which is like a telephone number provided by the service provider.

The IP addresses generally are 4-byte integers that are separated by a dot between the bytes, for example as The IP address is commonly provided by the router; however, a computer is capable of choosing its own IP. MAC addresses that are used to identify the interface of the network are assigned with specific IP addresses at the time of their creation.

Several IPs are used for specialized purposes and are not provided to any other users. As an example, the IP is directed towards your machine at all times.

The brief guidelines provided here should enable you to determine the IP and/or MAC addresses of the Ethernet adapters of you MAC that uses the OS X 10.4-10.7. The MAC includes wired as well as AirPort.

First, click on the Apple icon within the Systems menu. Here, choose select system preferences from the dropdown menu.

From the system preferences tab, choose the network option

Accessing the Show Menu, choose the Built-in Ethernet for determining the IP and/or MAC address of the in-built Ethernet adapter. Go the sixth step directly if you want to determine the addresses for the AirPort adapter.

The IP addresses are shown on the IP Address tab

Choose the Ethernet option to display the MAC address within the Ethernet ID box

For determining the IP and/or MAC address for AirPort adapters, choose the AirPort option from the top Show tab

The AirPort ID field within the AirPort tab displays the MAC address of the machine’s AirPort adapter

The IP address is displayed in the IP Address tab by selecting TCP/IP box




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