Understanding Torrent

Several individuals who work in the computer world are known to engage in Torrenting every day. This is an excellent method that allows sending and receiving files between different users and their machines. The application is widely used for numerous legal uses in the programming and systems over the globe. Nonetheless, torrenting is commonly used for illegal copy write breaches like exchanging music files between users.


Torrent working method

All types of exchanges occur with the utilization of a torrent application, such as uTorrent, original Bit Torrent, and Azureus. These applications enable users in sending and receiving information located on a specified port and interprets this information. The Torrent files comprise all the related information, which includes who created it, what is contained in the torrent, and the method to send and receive information related to the specified torrent. When individual accesses a .Torrent file using one of the torrent applications, he/she is connected to other users holding parts of the torrent and receives torrents from other users. After downloading this information, the users are able to send information to other users. After receiving all the components of the torrent, the application assembles the components to a single file, which is done by following the instructions of the.Torrent files.



Trackers are the primary huge networking servers, which are the originators and the end of torrenting. The users’ torrent application enables the machine to connect to the server with the assistance of a list that is available in the original .Torrent file. The tracker provides information about all the connected users and the files they can upload. Your machine picks these signals and downloads information from these as required. Once you are connected to the tracker, your machine is registered and the files that the user can now upload. The tracker logs the users’ usage, which means that the amount of information uploaded and downloaded, is recorded to determine the bandwidth of the users.


Ratio and the fair sharing policy

Every torrent tracker includes a fair sharing policy that provides a restriction or provides accessing bonus torrent bandwidths. According to this policy, if users are not uploading as much information as they are downloading, then the users are provided with lower bandwidths. Alternatively, if the users hold a higher loading-downloading ratio, such users are able to download files faster than users having lower ratios. The tracker prioritizes users with high ratios, which implies that such users are able to connect to other users on the same torrent quicker.


Torrenting Culture

Torrenting has resulted in a huge cultural shift. These torrents are found across a large number of sites. The new culture promotes fair sharing policies and file share honesty policies. Moreover, these dissuade users from sharing files that infringe copyrights or considered as file thefts. Moreover, most of these communities are open by invitation only. Generally, open memberships are provided once every month. Therefore, if an individual wants to join the community but is unwilling to wait until the open membership, requires securing an invitation from an existing member of the community. Some torrenting sites are privatized. What.CD, which is a torrent site, requires users to successfully complete numerous puzzles, an interview process, and a speed round that determines their uploading efficiency prior to providing acceptance.



Torrenting has been tormented with controversies since its first launch. Because the trackers lack the capability to track all the contents within the torrent, the possibility of child pornography, file thefts, and copyright breaches are existent. Several agencies take the legal route against the torrents and many users file daily complaints regarding copyright breaches. Nonetheless, even with the numerous controversies, torrent remains a widely used method to send and receive huge amount of information between users at high file transfer speeds. Several companies like Blizzard Entertainment provide torrenting to enable users to download their applications.




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