The Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses

How will the most expensive dress look like? The whole net of a golden threads, a scattering of diamonds or just a silhouette made by a famous designer? Let's try to answer this question by looking at the top 10 most expensive and luxurious dresses.

1. Of course, one of the most beautiful and expensive dresses are the wedding ones. The conqueror of a first place is made by the designer Renee Strauss, and - of course - this magnificent dress is decorated with the precious stones, offered by a famous jeweler Martin Katz. This masterpiece cost twelve (!) million dollars. The only problem is, that this lovely dress is looking for it's owner for more than two years by now.


wedding dress


2. The second place is taken by the dress, that is slightly cheaper and much more extravagant. It is designed by Scott Henshall. In this extraordinary clothing that resembles a web, encrusted with three thousand diamonds, the Irish singer Samantha Mamba has appeared at the premiere of the "Spider Man-2" movie - in 2004. It was very unusual and provocative.


spider man dress


3. Closes the top three another wedding dress, this time it is a result of a hard work of Japanese designer, so it turned out magnificently (at the recent decade the Japanese have done were very well decorating different items with jewels, to recall at least one of the most expensive dolls and Christmas tree from Tanaka). But in this dress there is something unreal and puppetry, and also it is a bit short for the wedding dress. The corset is embroidered with exactly one thousand pearls, and a special dignity as well give a green diamond weighing 8.8 carats and golden diamond - 5 carat. The cost of this dress is nine million dollars.

4. Back in 2000 Mary Grahfogel became one of the first designers to take a risk and combine a bold idea with the sparkling diamonds. At that time such expensive dresses could not find the consumer. But, nevertheless, a dress with a corset made of silk and a transparent trail found it's buyer for almost two million dollars. The number of shining stones decorating the dress is two thousand.

5. Another wedding dress - this time from the American designer Anthony La Bate of Francesca Couture. This wonderful dress was sewed by the order of one happy, wealthy 23-year old bride. This masterpiece is made of organza, and one thousand one hundred diamonds weighing three hundred carat and three thousand Swarovski crystals make this dress to shine brighter, than the most shining star. But the cost is considerably more modest than in the leaders, only three hundres thousand dollars. It's a pity, well, maybe this dress is not very original, but it is certainly beautiful.

6. But all dresses, that are mentioned above look pale before the masterpiece made by Tanaka. While the dress came out relatively cheap - only two hundred fifty thousand dollars. But it is very original. This genius created so many things from gold -  copies of the famous towers, children's toys and dinner sets. And now - this dress. It was created from the finest threads of gold and weighs slightly more than one kilogram. But the weight of the dress is not so insignificant when it makes you feel like Cleopatra.

7. Regarding Christian Dior, there is nothing to say - they are always on top. His dress, imitating the royal outfits from the past epochs were worth around two hundred thousand dollars each. And the real Queens of the catwalk were presenting them to the public: Amber, Karen, Shalom, Helena, Naomi, Stella, Lily Cole.

8. Apparently the dress, in which Melanie Trump was getting married is from the same royal collection from Dior. Since it costs two hundred thousand dollars and was originally not meant for the wedding, but the millionaire probably decided that this lovely dress would be a perfect fit for such a significant event. Ninety meters of satin embroidered with silver can make you look like a Snow Queen and no one will be able to take his eyes away from you. This masterpiece was absolutely hand made and it's creation took five hundred fifty hours of work.

9. Christian Lacroix is ??not staying far behind the other designers. And although his outfit is a total of one hundred fifty thousand dollars, but it was so delightful, light and airy that it became a real feast for anybody's eyes. The dress was made "a la Queen of elves". And to achieve this feeling there was used the gentle pastel chiffon and golden prints, giving the dress an elegant nobility. The whole set has a crown in addition. Well, what kind of Queen it would be without a crown?

10. The wedding dress of Jennifer Lopez closes our top 10. This dress is quite modest by today's standards. The masterpiece made by the famous and magnificent Valentino was worth of fifty thousand dollars and back in 2001 seemed to be an extravagant luxury, but today it will hardly surprise anybody.




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