Right clicking on the Macbook

Do you miss right clicking on your Mac Book Pro?

Here we provide an easy method that enables you to right click on the Mac Book Pro with the use of two fingers on the tracking pad. Users do not always take along their Might Mouse everywhere they go. Thus, knowing the method to right click on the key board is extremely beneficial to users on several occasions. Below we provide the steps to do the necessary.mac book right click
  • Search for the link, picture, or the text that you desire to have the right click option for. Place the cursor on the desired location.
  • Hold the control key, which are located two keys away on the left side of the space bar.
  • Pressing the control key, click on the left button of the pad. This will provide the various options.
  • Choose the desired option from the several highlighted choices.

The above-mentioned method is easier; the following method is another option that users can choose to right click on their Mac Pro Book.

  • Get the System Preferences tab open
  • Then move to the Track pad tab, which is located fifth from the left side on the second row.
  • In the next step, enable the “For secondary clicks, place two fingers on the track pad then click the button” option.
  • After activating this option, users must place two fingers on the track pad and click.

Some Tips

Users must remember to select the complete text encompassing the full word or the sentence to ensure that the modifications are not limited only to the highlighted section.




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