The Complicated parts of Watches

Watches are intricate little machines that are as much an integral part of our lives since man decided to build a mechanism that tells time instead of having to rely on the position of the sun. Most people never think about what makes it all work, as long as it tells the correct time, it’s a good watch but some people take watches and watch-making seriously.

Not so long ago watch-making was a seriously respectable career. Watchmakers spent a lot of time elaborately putting the little components together to get the time piece to work. Times have changed but the general design has remained the same:

The Chronograph: It is a device that helps the timepiece display the time that has elapsed, it shows the time of day in a proper orderly manner. The device features a second hand that can be started or stopped as per the user’s wish in addition to sub dials, effectively making viewing time easier. The Tag Heuer Carrera is among the best examples for your Chronograph that is used in professional races to record time.

The energy Reserve: This can be utilized to give you a visual indication in regards the power that is remaining in the movement of the timepiece. This becomes extremely helpful with watches that are manually wound that have no automatic winding rotor. Most modern watches don’t need winding, they use battery powered energy to work. There are plenty of watches with displays that show the energy reserves like the Panerai’s Luminor 150. If you don’t want to keep losing time always make sure your power reserves are at their maximum.

The GMT: This part gets the name based on global time zone, the Greenwich Mean Time, but this tool is really utilized to show the 24 hour scale as well as a second time zone on your wrist watch. Rolex invented the GMT watches in 1950 when the need arose for pilots of the Pan American airlines to get an attractive yet useful watch. These are still the leaders in the field of GMT watches, though you will find some competitors fighting for their own piece of the pie.

When you are buying a new timepiece you need to know exactly what it is you need it to do. Should it be beautiful, showy? Should it be one of those watches that end up as family heirloom with time because they were made with such high standards? Can you afford to buy a watch for every occasion or do you need a watch that you can wear when you go for a swim in the morning and a fancy dress party wearing a tuxedo. There aren’t that many watches that you can wear with anything.

Dress watches watches are popular with women and are usually won as an accessory. They are beautiful, showy and have nicely designed straps and faces. These are the watches you can wear with your suit to the office, a fancy dinner party or to a wedding. Dress watches can be worn with anything from jeans and a simple T-shirt to a ball gown. A great example is the Piaget Altiplano, it’s one of the nice dress watches on the market.

The Sports Watch: Sports watches are just that meant to be worn by sports people who not only need a durable, sturdy timepiece but one that can calculate time to within a millisecond. They are complicated and com with features, like Chronographs. These are not to be worn with showy dresses they tend to be chunky and have strong leather straps probably not the right accessory for a ball gown party but they will look good with most casual dress styles.

The Everyday Watch: The everyday watch is the watch that you put on whether you are casually dressed or going on a leisurely stroll. The accuracy of the time is not such a big consideration; they only matter because they are useful. They can have a metal or leather strap, what you choose will depend on an individual’s taste. Some come with complications that mostly go unnoticed unless someone points it out. Like The Rolex Datejust, The IWC Portuguese and the Rolex submariner are just some of the examples that have gained popularity. The Submariner is actually a diving watch which still translates well outside the water and is fast becoming a favourite for men and women who take their timepieces seriously.

The Complicated Watch: This type of watches have a movement that provides great features to the user. For example, a tourbillon in the watch can remove the gravitational force and a perpetual calendar in the watch can give you accurate timing and dates until 2100, so that you do not have to reset your watch till then! Such watches are very costly and they are meant for the top class people in the society. They are actually same as dress watches, but with exclusive features that make them way expensive, and something to be taken care of and used on special occasions only.




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