Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes

Shoes for men are usually only a way to escape the bad weather and keep their feet dry and warm, but for women shoes are more than that - for women shoes are a piece of art. It's enough to remember all this celebrities, who are so found of collecting the masterpieces of the worldwide footwear industry.


Sometimes the price for one pair of shoes can reach incredible astronomical proportions. Thus, we present you the Top Ten most expensive women's shoes in the world:


1. Stuart Weitzman for a long time already is a worldwide recognized leader in creating the exclusive footwear, many of his works are inspired by fairy tales, but not all of them. The impetus for the creation of the most expensive shoes in the world were the earrings that belonged to the actress from 40's - Rita Hayworth. These two cute little things, adorned with rubies, diamonds and sapphires have been temporarily borrowed by the designer from the celebrity's daughter and attached to a pair of brown satin shoes. The honor to wear the world masterpiece worth of three million dollars went to the actress Kathleen York at the Oscar 2006.


kathleen york shoes


2. Another famous creation of Stuart Weitzman are the Cinderella's shoes, however, they were not made of crystal (as it supposed to be by the famous tale), but of diamonds weighing five hundred ninety-five carats. Lightweight shoes on the foot seem to be weightless and, indeed, they must be originating from a fairy tale. It is not so easy to stand on those shoes, because the heel has a height of 11 centimeters. This is why the singer Alison Krauss was very afraid to fall down at the Oscar 2004. And one more cute little nuance of the shoes, especially eye-catching - a five carat diamond of amaretto color, like a drop of blood of Cinderella's sister, whose foot could not fit the shoe. The cost of this fairy tale shoes is two million dollars.


cinderella shoes


3. Closes the Top Three a masterpiece, equal by it's price to the previous one, but this time the stilettos were not made only with diamonds. Here from the expensive gems was spent a total of twenty eight carats, and the rest was covered with the semi-precious tanzanite (a total weight of a hundred eighty five carats). This time, Stuart Weitzman was not working alone, but in the tandem with a jeweler Le Vian. This incredible shoes were created in 2008 and they are still waiting for "their" princess.


levian shoes


4. Stilettos from the country of Oz are in the fourth place. That's right, it is exactly the stilettos, inspired by the shoes, created for the film about the adventures of a girl called Ellie. As always, the heel has a favorite designer's height of 11 centimeters. Red stilettos are covered with platinum, which housed six hundred forty two different shaped rubies weighing a hundred twenty carats. Ruby stilettos for more than one and a half million dollars were supposed to adorn Nicola Churchward at the Oscars, but unfortunately she never wore them... Well, maybe they will wait for the other worthy legs.


5. One of the first stilettos made by Stuart Weitzman were called "the Platinum Guild" and combined two kinds of precious things, that were already described above - platinum and diamonds. On the strips of platinum strands there were installed four hundred sixty four precious stones of different shapes, especially attractive for the eye were the pear-shaped diamonds. And on the red carpet at the Oscar, they walked back in 2002, decorating Laura Harring. The cost of this shoes is slightly more than a million dollars.


6. The collection made by Stuart Weitzman is not only consist of stilettos, there are some shoes too - on the high heels, of course. The most expensive of them are called "Retro Rose". "Retro" because the style of those shoes was popular back in the 40s of last century (probably it is exactly this time is gravitating to the designer), well, with roses everything is clear, we need only to take a look at the shoes. Each of them is decorated with a flower made of almost two thousand diamonds totaling a hundred carats. But unfortunately this wonderful shoes had shared the fate of the Ruby stilettos -  chosen to represent a masterpiece at the Oscars in 2008 screenwriter Diablo Kody refused to wear them. The reason was her rigid contradiction to the glamorous style.


7. The seventh place is occupied by not a precious shoes, but old and very famous, and it is this exactly shoes, that were sold at the Christie's auction for six hundred sixty-six thousand dollars. This shoes were made in 1939 for the filming of The Wizard of Oz. As a basis there were taken the white silk shoes from Shoes Co, and then the designers manually embroidered those silk shoes with the red beads. For the necessary shining effect the surface was decorated with crystals and silver, and to the buckle there was added three decorative elements made of glass. Generally in the world there were seven pairs of shoes like this, the fate of four of them until now is unknown, one pare was stolen from a museum in 2005, so for the present day the remaining two pares became even more expensive.


8. At the Oscars in 2007 there were literally shining the stilettos under the name Diamond Dream. Here Stuart Weitzman again did not work alone, but with a jeweler Kwiat. Stiletto (as usual, with the 11 centimeters heel), the platinum lines and almost one and a half thousand pure small brown diamonds weighing thirty carats. Honor to wear this pair of shoes went to the actress Anika Noni Rose. The cost of those stilettos is half a million dollars.


9. At the end there are the ancient oriental shoes belonging to the XVIII century. Their owner was an Indian prince Nizam Sikandar Jah. Created in the ancient oriental style, this shoes are decorated with diamonds and rubies. Although Indian prince, apparently, did not like them and wore them only once. The cost of this old shoes is one hundred sixty thousand dollars, although possibly this price could be bigger, if they were put up for the auction. But the oriental shoes are not for sale, they are the property of Shoe Museum in Toronto.


10. Lovers of the sports shoes do not have to worry, Nike - the diamond running shoes - close the Top Ten. Two exclusive pairs were made on a special order by Laced Up. Chocolate-colored diamonds weighing eleven carats adorn the model, named Air Force 1, and it costs fifty thousand dollars. Antwan "Big Boy" Patton became the lucky owner of that luxury shoes.




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