Free Anti-Virus: Microsoft Security Essentials installation


Ever heamicrosoft-security-essentialsrd of “Microsoft Security Essentials”? It does not matter that one has anti-virus solution in their system or not. Even after having anti-virus solution in their systems, one might want to install the “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)”. Microsoft offers this free-of-cost anti-virus solution for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Microsoft Windows-7.

It is originally derived from OneCare product of Microsoft. Previously, it was commercial product. However, it is not available anymore.

For downloading the “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)”, one just needs to type these words on search engine of their choice. This Microsoft anti-virus solution available for free actually helps a lot.

Now even site of Microsoft is coming up. First of all, one should check out its URL. Being legit, accessing this site anytime by URL is easy.,com/Security_Essentials

Here, one has to click “Download Now”. After this, that download will automatically detect kind of operating system being used by user. This way it decided that which “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)” version user might need. Saving installation file is not necessary for internet Explorer. Click on button of “Run”.

Here people just need to consent with warning of “User Account Control”. Then close browser. At installation phase, “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)” activates default Microsoft Update automatically. Through this, internet browsing becomes safer. Next hit on accept button (EULA) and validate Windows copy. Click “Install” button.

Before installation, it is necessary to remove other anti-virus software present in computer such as Norton, McAfee or AVG. User can scan all potential threats in his or her computer immediately. MSE automatically also looks for updates and define them. It does that until computer is in problem. After downloading definitions, quick scan will take place by MSE in starting. At this time, user can customize settings according to his need. MSE also joins a system to software of Microsoft SpyNet.

Through Advanced Service Microsoft SpyNet, Microsoft is able to isolate viruses that to in detailed manner. Even after keeping information secure, it detected all viruses very easily. Therefore, going through this step during scan is worthwhile.

One can check out all settings as well as available options during this time. This anti-virus is way-better and having it simplifies a lot of problems and protects a system from any real harm.

Thanks for checking out video tutorial. Here one can also see available options here. One can change file changes, file types and exclude processes. While checking out Microsoft SpyNet, Advanced Membership can be changed.



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