Data moving from Old Mac in New


In switching machines, main problem comes in data moving. Surprising fact about this situation is that many people do not have any idea about proper data migration from old Mac in new. This lack of information makes things very difficult for people. Hence, below is given easy process of data transfer in simple steps from a person’s old Mac into a new one.


Easy procedure


This procMigrationAssistantess of data transfer is relatively simple (contrary to people’s belief). While firing up new Mac at first, one has to walk necessarily through process of setup. In this very same process, that person will be given opportunity of data transfer from old Mac into new through Ethernet wired connection. This way, one gets to have first look of Migration Assistant OS X.

While Lion installation too, one gets to see Mac window’s information transfer. In this Mac window, there are four options. These options are “From A Windows Pc”, “From Another Mac”, “Don’t Transfer Now” and “From Other Disk”. If one wants to transfer their data from old Mac into new than they need to click on “From another Mac” as well as “Continue” button placed on screen’s bottom.

For successful transfer, one needs to take care that both Macs are Ethernet connected to matching network. Usage of wireless network cannot be done due to fact that new Mac has not been configured for wireless network usage. For data transfer, launch Mac’s Migration Assistant. This launching can be done in Applications/Utilities. After launch, click on “To another Mac’ and continue button. At prompt, enter password of administrator. After this step, Mac will prompt user to quit other running applications. Click on continue button to do so.

Old Mac appears on new Mac in “Select the Source window”. One needs to click it and then click on continue button. On both Macs eventually passcode will come into view. On old Mac, click continue button. Due to this click, window of Information transfer will come into view on brand new Mac and “Your other Mac is ready” message will appear on Old Mac. One just needs to select data to be transferred. In choices, one has Applications, Settings, Files, Folders, and Users etc on “nameofoldMac”,

Selection of transferrable data becomes easy through usage of Migration Assistant.

Click on triangle that is placed next to Users entry. Through it, one can easily select account of specific user that needs to be transferred. If one clicks on triangle placed next to name of user than he or she can also choose locations of data transfer from available options of Documents, Movies, Pictures, Public, Music, Downloads, Desktop as well as other folders and Files. If user does not wish to transfer a particular file then all he needs to do is uncheck it and then click on button of Continue placed on window’s bottom. Window of Transferring Information comes into view, which shows estimate time of data transfer.

After successful transfer, user is walked through remaining setup process. In case of user account transfer, account name on login screen of Lion also becomes visible.


Other Migration Assistant usage ways


Supposing, one configures fires up, unpacks new Mac sans any old Mac access, or does not wait for successful transfer of old data while new Mac boosting up or wants old data back after months then too it is never too late. One can still make use of Migration Assistant. If both Macs have same network than Time Machine can be operated any time wanted. Wireless data transfer is also possible in case both Macs share any such network.
One needs to steer Applications, Utilities and lastly start Migration Assistant. From window of Migration Assistant, one has to select from “PC”, “Other disk options”, “Time machine backup” or “Another Mac”. After that, click on Continue button. Next, enter password of administrator and then click on “OK” tab. Next window will ask user to choose from available options of “From another Mac or PC” as well as “From a Time Machine Backup or Other Disk”.

Not considering the selected option, same data sources list will be again seen by user which would have appeared if while installation of Lion Migration Assistant would have been operated. This list has Applications, settings, users as well as nameofmac/drive other folders and files. If one attempts data, transfer from old Mac’s user account to new Mac of same name of user account than user might be told to create new name of user for successful data transfer.



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