Restarting a Hanged Mac

Sometimes, users may come across a situation when the Mac hangs in the middle of their work. In this discussion, we provide an insight to restarting the Mac to enable you to continue your work.


  1. Locate the power switch. In an iMac, the power switch is located on the rear of the machine in proximity of the lower bottom corner. The power switch in a Mac Book Pro is located over the speaker on the right side. The switch in the Mac Book is close to the screen at the top corner right side. The power switch of the Mini Mac is close to the top right corner on the rear and in the Mac Pro is located at the front.
  2. The machine automatically shuts when the power switch is pressed for about five seconds.
  3. You can then reboot the Mac by pressing and releasing the power switch. If the machine does not boot, try after a short interval.

In case, the machine still does not boot, then you must use troubleshooting other occurrences. However, check if the power supply was not accidentally put out while switching off the Mac. Secondly, the Mac may be frozen due to a dead battery, which does not restart the machine. In case nothing works, contact an authorized Mac engineer for assistance.




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