Start Your Collection of Original Cups

The most unusual cups for coffee and tea from all over the world can be a great idea for an inexpensive and original collection for those, who like to be creative and appreciate extraordinary design.


cemented cupCemented Cup

The original cup for those, who like double portions.

As a part of organized collection, these cups will be loved by almost anyone, especially by people with an extraordinary sense of humor. A lovely mug stylized to look like a column of folded into each other cups will give not only the warmth of coffee, but lift your spirit during a short break at work or at home. These cups will always make you smile!




Mug for the athletes and gangsters

gangsters cupThis mug is made for those men, who have a strong spirit. It is made in the shape of a brass knuckles to remind you that we always need to be in a good shape. Also it may remind your colleagues that you are still cool.

You can give you boss an idea to start his own collection by giving him this mug as a gift, just make sure you will not be anywhere around when he is having his tea or coffee.

Inside the girl's collection this cup will certainly remind your boyfriend, that cool guys are still on the top of fashion.






Mug for "pinch-pennies"

cookie mugTeacup with a small private storage of cookies.

This unusual mug is designed first and foremost of course not for the greedy people, but for  those who are thrifty and original in the same time. This mug has a special pocket for a biscuit and is just perfect for tea in bed when a cookie in your hand becomes a problem - you do not really want to put it on the bed or blanket ... So this wonderful mug with a "pocket" for cookies will become both: a useful thing in your household and the original part of your collection. You can be sure, that you beloved spouse will certainly appreciate such an elegant way to have a morning tea in bed.

Useful and creative - just perfect!







Knitted mug for the grandmother or a housewife

knit mugIf your grandmother, mother or sister loves to knit, then give her this "knitted mug". This gift may encourage the whole collection of a "knitted" porcelain. Or maybe your grandmother will be inspired to make for you a lovely sweater. In any way - the warm feelings are guaranteed to anyone who is just looking at this mug. Imagine how nice is the hot tea in the cold evenings!










set of mugsMug for the Thermal Power Station employees

Is not this unusual tea set really similar to the Thermal Power Station?

Well, from the bird's-eye view, of course. This set definitely can become one of the best items of you collection of original mugs.








Coffee mug for those who like their coffee with milk

coffee milkThe perfect recipe for your favorite coffee: two parts of coffee to one part of milk.

Now it is difficult to miss - the exact proportions of milk and coffee are marked by a special coffee cup. This wonderful item will not only brighten your collection of cups, but also let you to have your coffee with milk exactly the way you like it.



Indicator mug for those, who like it hot!

mug with indicatorWith this indicator mug it will always be easy to understand how hot you coffee is.

A cup with a temperature indicator reminds you that the drink is cold and it's time to replace it with the new one - hotter. This mug changes it's color from black to white when it is filled with a hot drink and from white to black, when the drink is cold. The perfect gift for those, who always want to be informed. And one of the most interesting mugs in your collection, of course!




Mug for the pessimists

half marked cupFor the pessimists there is a mug, that is always half empty.

Is your cup half full or half empty? How can you know for sure? With the help of this wonderful mug, of course! Also you can always entertain your friends and your family with this old and simple trick.

So, how do you see your cup today?

Irreplaceable part of your collection and a sharp indicator of your mood in the morning - just the way you like it: useful and creative. Isn't it?
And on that optimistic note, perhaps we shell finish our cup-collection story - for now... You can start this collection any time, find your original creative cups in the little stores or bring them from your journeys. Now all your friends will know for sure, what kind of gift you would like to get for Christmas or for your Birthday. A you by yourself while looking for the new items for your mug-collection, may find a great gifts for your family and friends for the coming holidays.




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