How to store your collection of coins

Collecting coins is considered one of the most difficult and expensive among the other kinds of collecting. Often, the collection begins with a small number of coins, which eventually grows rapidly. The collector has to move them from one place to another, always finding the new ways to preserve his collection.


The collections of coins, like the collections of stamps or phone cards, require a great attention. Indeed, over time, the coins may become darker or they oxidize in a humid environment. So, if you decided for sure that numismatics is going to be your passion and you would like to do it for a long time, in the same time with the collection of coins you should start stocking a special packaging for storage. After all, the ordinary cardboard boxes or glass jars, paper or even foil will never completely preserve your valuable collection. A prolonged storage in such an improper containers can cause you losing your whole collection.


coin album


There are developed some albums specially designed for numismatists, equipped with the holders made of the cardboard or a heavy paper. These holders have a transparent hole - through this hole you can see the coin. The cardboard holders are popular but not the most safe. In addition to the cardboard holders there are also the plastic holders available. Also, in some albums there are used a special double-sided or just doubled plastic pockets, which are also very often called "flips". Such devices can be sold separately. But still the easiest way - is to store your coins in the albums, this way they for sure will not get lost, and will be all in one place. In addition, if the number of pockets and holders will not be enough for your growing collection, it is always possible to get some more of those, adding to the album few more pages.


coin tube


Also for the storage of your coin collection there can be used plastic tubes, and specially designed plates.


coin box


The easiest and the cheapest way to store coins are considered the cardboard holders. Paper pockets in the right place, depending on the size of a coin, are held together by the staples. Most likely any moisture or air will not pass through this kind of holders, which means that for a long time the coin will be protected. However, with such packages you have to be careful, because the staple may damage the coin. Also, like any other paper, the paperboard is not durable, so you should find a better packaging for the permanent storage of your coin collection.

With the plastic packaging you should be also careful, because some manufacturers are trying to save on the materials and some chemical components may be harmful to the appearance of the coin.

If you planning a long term storage of your collection, it will be probably better to put your coins in the plastic tubes or holders, that are made of a particularly hard plastic.




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