An evaluation of Vintage watches and Modern watches

Before you start with all the assortment of you have to analyse and determine what type of watch you are looking for, whether it be a modern watches which has a rugged look, or a vintage watch that is rare and collectible. One should understand that both these types have their unique advantages and disadvantages.


One advantage of the fashionable watches is that they are considerably more durable and sturdy in comparison to the vintage ones. The model of these watches is way better with sapphire being the crystal used here. The advantage would be that the watch becomes more scratch proof than most. Another advantage of choosing modern watches is that you can find any information and details regarding them, either online or through magazines. What you have to do is merely to check thoroughly throughout the details, then find a certified dealer for your watch. You then have to select a specific watch, and buy it from the chosen shop. Vintage watches are a collector’s items and information on the mechanism and how best to preserve them can be non-existent and pretty much expensive to keep up to date.


Not at all watches with sapphire might be less prone to scratching but that doesn’t meant they can take the rough and tumble of daily life or the life of a sports man. If you love your watch and know its value you will take care of it. The problem with most old watches are that they are they made from plastic crystals. Moreover, such watches can be quite old and they might require additional maintenance in comparison to the newer models. But still, the most effective factor that pulls people towards these watches is their rarity. They are usually hard to find. Another attractive point would be the attention it should bring you from among a group of like minded individuals and fellow watch collectors.

One more selling point of the vintage watches is that in case you have gotten an incredibly and exceptionally rare watch as part of your collection, it might bring you a lot of money, if you decide to sell. Such watches have got a good secondary market, and they're going to definitely be bought at high prices should you be ready to part with them. For instance, a watch that costs as much as $5000, the current going rate of a vintage Rolex Submariner is much more expensive than the newer model of the same watch retailing at $2000 if hold on to your new watch much longer its value could increase to no less than $2000.




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