Tweaking the Windows system

Disabling System Restoring

Users must disable the systems restoring option to free disk space; however, ensure that a backup mechanism is available.

For Vista machines, users must right click on My Computer Tab, get in to the advanced settings, then open systems protection, and uncheck the drive tabs. For XP users can click My Computer, then view system info located within the system task tab. Then click on the systems restore box followed by clicking on turn-off systems restore on all the disks.


Configuring Windows Updating

Enabling updates is a good choice; however, with an automated option it can get irksome. The system automatically downloads the updates, which need restarting the machine. The option keeps asking users to install the updates and finally restarts automatically. Users can modify the settings using the windows security tab from the control panel. This enables automatic downloads but needs user permission before installation.


Disabling Deletion Confirmation

Using the properties tab of the recycle bin can enable users to disable the confirmation window that opens when any file is erased. All it needs is unchecking the confirmation tab, applying and that is done. Users can hold the Shift button while erasing files to overcome the file move to recycle bin.


Disabling Windows Animation

Although, window animation provides a nice appearance, the performance of system improves by disabling this option. Open the properties of My Computer. For Vista users, choose advanced system setting and for XP choose advanced box. Within the performance tab, click settings and disable animation, sliding, or fading.


Creating Customized Toolbars

Users may add a frequently used folder to the taskbar for faster accessibility. By right clicking on the taskbar move to toolbar and choose new toolbar. A windows explorer window pops up, users can browse to the specific folder and choose. Moreover, including My Computer to the toolbar is beneficial.




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