How to Get a Good Collection of Comic Books

Today’s world is quite busy and doesn’t have much time for any extracurricular activities. Yet, most of the people find some time always to spare for their hobbies they love, may it be knitting, stamp collection, coin collection, reading or anything. The collection of comic books is one among the most common hobbies that can be found among a large number of people today.

The comic books began to be in demand from the year 1960 and the first ever comic strip in the History of comic stories was a story about a yellow kid in the Hogan’s Alley. It was published in two newspapers, in the year 1895 and from that time, comic characters began to be of interest to many people all over the world. Creative writers such as Stan Lee have brought forward many comic characters that were welcomed by the book lovers.

The collection of comic books was an idea that had been introduced just as a time pass. Some collected them for fun and some others for money. This starts happening after the news came out that some of these comic books were of great economic value.

The collection of comic books should be done carefully, and there are a few points to be kept in mind while collecting them, may it be for fun or money.

  1. Start the collection by picking up a book of your interest and continuing to collect books of that type. Selection of the first book is very important as it will determine the type of books that will come to your collection later on. If you are looking for books with popularity, the books from the DC Comics and the Marvel Comics are the best, because they are the two bet and well known publishers of comic books.
  2. Make sure you do not stay with a single book title. You need to explore the possibilities of other good comic books.
  3. Check out for the titles that are not much common among the public, this will make the book more demanded by the other collectors.
  4. Buy different covers of the same comic book issue.
  5. The first appearance of an article, the first issue of a book etc is sure to fetch you more price, later on after many years. For example, the character Punisher first appeared in the edition of the Amazing Spiderman and this makes the editions of the Amazing Spiderman, more sought for by the collectors.
  6. Check out for the comic books which are worth buying from various places and various events. Sometimes some gatherings and conventions are held for such collectors. Such events can bring you the best titles that can be added to your collection. One such convention is the one held in San Diego for the comic book collectors. Purchasing online is the best method that can be followed while looking to purchase such books, because this can avoid the additional fees such as shipping fees on the book.
  7. If you have more than one copy of some book, you can easily trade that extra copy with another collector, for a better copy of some other title. This is one good method of making your collection bigger.
  8. The state of the book is one important factor which determines its value. Try to keep it safe and well maintained, if you are looking out to sell it later on. The condition of comic books can start from very poor to very well kept ones, and the newly minted ones. You must be able to know what the condition of each book you have is. Some collectors buy mylar sleeves and some other buy display books to keep their collection safe and well preserved. You can also get boxes for the comic books, to stack them together neatly.

From the year 1990, the demand for such kind of books began to fade away, and less number of books was only issued after that. This has made the collectors to preserve their collection even more carefully, as the ones they owned were sure to fetch a handsome amount of money. The reprints of famous books like the original issues of the Superman and the Captain America have been introduced in the market today, and are sought for by the collectors.

Though this is a very difficult hobby to maintain, most of the people simply do it just out of their love for books or just because the collection of rare comics give them some pride, rather than doing it for the sake of money. Some others do it for their children or just as pain hobbies.




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