Reversing Lion’s Mouse Scrolling back to Snow Leopard’s

The new OS X Lion introduces a novel natural scrolling option to its users.

In the earlier versions, users needed to move their fingers up or down to the mouse or tracking pad to scroll through a page. With the new Lion version, the provider has made a small switchero. Apple has provided users with a logically better mouse movement. In the new version, when the user moves his finger up, the page scrolls down and when the finger is moved down, the page scrolls upwards.

This method is the company’s introduction of similar scrolling as iOS in to the OS X. However, this may not be suitable to all users and you may consider reverting back to the earlier option that was more convenient. This is simple and users can easily move back to the Snow Leopard’s scrolling movements.


Reverting or Undoing Mouse Scrolling in OS X Lion

Do the users have the option of disabling reverse scrolling in the OS X Lion? The answer is yes users do have this option. The company does understand that some users may find it difficult to make the transition of reverse scrolling. Therefore, Apple provides users the option to change their mouse preferences.


Steps to change Mouse Scrolling in OS X Lion

  1. Visit the System Preference
  2. Here, click on Mouse preference
  3. Undo the box marked “Move content in the direction of finger movement ....”

mac os lion scroll mouse

The above-mentioned procedure will reverse the scrolling system in the OS X Lion. Users can explore several more options by visiting the mouse or touchpad movements in OS X Lion.

Although, this kind of mouse movement may not suit all users, it is not very difficult to become used to this option. Users can gain familiarity within a few minutes and explore several intuitive options. On the other hand, some users may argue on the logic of reverse scrolling.




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