Starting a Collection of Pocket Watches

When it comes to collecting pretty watches that are to be kept in your pocket, you may be a lot confused and a lot of questions may come up as on what type of watch to buy and from where.

There are two types you can select from, either the pre historic tiny watches or the souvenir style tiny watches. Such watches may be of higher costs, but when you are looking to buy watches especially the prehistoric ones, the historical importance and the value you get for your money is more important than the price you pay for the watch.


Once you decide on which is the type of pocket watch you need, you can check out these tips to buy the best ones in the market.

  1. You need to study about the types and models of such watches which are available in the industry. You can either get electronically connected information or check in libraries for books containing guidelines to buy timepieces. Just check from more than one reliable source, to make sure you are on the right track.
  2. The next step would be to check the prices that other collectors pay for these watches. You can get this information easily from books and the internet.
  3. Next you need to browse for the best price. You can check the auction sites on the internet or newspapers or even check out some stores which sell the watch of your interest.
  4. Now you can get the first watch for your collection of watches.


Some questions that are to be answered when buying or checking to buy the Watches

  1. Who is the manufacturer of the watch and which is the place of origin? Most of the prehistoric watches have a successor. The patent number on the watch can be used to date the tiny watches. But the souvenir watches do not have markings on their body. You can only choose them from their looks.
  2. If you are planning to collect antique pieces, make sure that the watch you have is a first-hand watch, from its papers. This is actually very difficult to determine.
  3. You need to check if it has been repaired many times, but this wouldn’t be an issue if you are buying from a good and trustworthy seller. They will have all information regarding the watch, including the repair details.
  4. Check with the seller for further information on the ownership history and repair history of the tiny watch, who owned it previously, does it function like it used to in the beginning and so on. Make sure about this yourself because the sellers are always cunning people who just aim at gain from the products they sell.
  5. Make sure that you are getting the value for the money you paid. Check if there is scope for further bargaining, and whether the seller is trustworthy, if you picked him from an auction site on the internet.
  6. Another question is about the accessories that are available with the tiny watch. You should know that it is good if you can purchase the first hand chain, if it is a silent attached one.

One need not back off from the decision with all these questions. You just need to make sure that you are buying what you wanted to buy.




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