Creating Shortcut to Enable or Disable Aero Transparency functionality in Windows 7 or Vista

In line with my aim to provide users with every secret stored by the Windows Vista and 7 OS, this article focuses on providing short cut method to activate or deactivate the transparency function in the OS. Although, I do not find this option of much use, there will at least one person who reads this article to find it beneficial.


Remark: A similar technique is usable for both Windows 7 and Vista OS.

Although, the insight provided in this article has been discussed on several other sites, there is a certain amount of misunderstanding. To clarify, using this method does not deactivate the Aero functionality or the composite engine; it only deactivates the transparency functioning.


Activating/deactivating aero transparency manually

Users can access Windows color and appearance by clicking the right side of the mouse on the desktop and choosing the Personalize option

Users should view the Enable Transparency option at this location that is effective instantly

Next, you must create the shortcut for aero transparency

Clicking the right side of the mouse, access the new or shortcut option. Here you enter in any one of the subsequent within the location box and a new shortcut is created


Deactivating the aero function on Windows 7 and Vista OS

Users cannot use the aero glass interface on an old and outdated machine, as it at least requires a moderately decent video card. For the excessively worried users, it is recommended to try out all options to disable Aero.


Deactivating Aero functionality of Vista

One of the reasons, users may want to disable this functionality is due to reduced performance. Right-clicking the desktop, users must access the personalize tab. At this location, choose the window color and appearance tab.

In the following box, clicking on the link located towards the bottom, access open classic appearance properties for more color options

Users can totally disable the Aero functionality by opting for the OS basic


Deactivating Aero functionality on Windows 7

Access the personalize option from the menu bar that opens when you right click on the desktop

Users must scroll down the various themes until they are able to access the Basic themes




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