The largest collections of a Barbie dolls

How many Barbie dolls you may find in one apartment? Well, mostly about ten, and this is only if the budget allows parents so spoil their child that much.


But in the apartment of Betina Dorfman, a resident of Dusseldorf, there are living more than six thousand Barbie dolls. And all because Betina is collecting Barbies from her childhood. Now the woman is almost fifty years old, but she does not think of refusing from her hobby. The Barbie collection of Betina is recognized as the largest in the world. To be precise, it contains 6.025 Barbie dolls.


basic black barbie


Second largest number of Barbie dolls has Ieti Ribel from Holland. First she bought a Barbie doll for her own daughter, but the girl was not imbued with a special love for the toy. And Ieti herself suddenly began collecting Barbies. Only as an adult her daughter did really liked the Barbie dolls and from that moment they were looking for the new dolls together and running their collection together all the time. The collection consisted of about four thousand dolls, including the very first Barbie model.

In 2006 the collection had to be put up for the auction, as Ieti Ribel became very ill and her daughter decided to sell the Barbie dolls to raise money for the treatment of her mother. From the collection of Barbie she had totally earned two hundred sixty thousand francs. Each doll was evaluated separately. The most expensive was a Barbie made in 1965 in a gown of scarlet colors. This doll was sold for twenty thousand francs. And the very first Barbie in a striped swimsuit that was made in 1959 went for just six thousand six hundred francs.

Third place on the size of the collection of Barbie dolls belonges to an Englishman - Tony Mattia. He has more than a thousand Barbie dolls, starting with the first models, that were made in 1959. Tony is also collecting the different models of Ken - Barbie's groom. Once a month, a dedicated collector is changing the Barbie doll's clothes and he is regularly combing the hair of his Barbie dolls.




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