Tips on changing keyboard language with Mac OS X

The Mac OS X version enables users to modify the language in menu and prompts through the language and text function.

In addition, users may modify the substituted symbols in text, date, number, and time format, measuring and currency of different countries, language of the keyboard, and layout language to any language besides English. Moreover, users are able to use an alternative keyboard in Dvorak or alternatives of foreign languages. Multi-lingual keyboard functioning is simultaneously possible with this OS.




  1. Access the systems preference tab within the dock. Alternatively access Apple tab and choose Systems Preference
  2. Follow the above with choosing Text and Language, followed by Input Source
  3. Select the languages from the list for the keyboard layout. While selecting multiple options, access the input menu within the menu bar to ensure that all the selected languages are available when you click on the Flag tab of the menu bar located in the above portion of the screen. An example is clicking on the flag of USA to select an alternate language from the dropdown menu.


Tips & Alerts

Access the Login option in Accounts, which is located in the System Preference tab to modify the keyboard layout in a foreign lingo. Clicking on the lock tab, enter the password and select the show input menu from the login window. After logging out and logging in, the OS provides a dropdown that displays the chosen layouts on the screen located over the name and password boxes.




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