The Biggest BMW Motorcycle Collection for Sale

The world's largest collection of BMW motorcycles from those which belonged to the same collector, will be sold at the auction. The auction will take place in the end of the year.




The former owner of this remarkable collection, Willy Neutkens, died last year. He assembled a unique collection of bikes, made by the famous Bavarian brand, and even is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the largest number of copies of the same brand of motorcycles.

In his private museum there were collected over than a hundred bikes, almost the whole line of BMW motorcycles, that the Bavarian factory had produced since it's inception in 1923. Each bike in the collection has been carefully and lovingly restored by Willy Neutkens himself together with the specialists and experts from BMW. The enthusiastic collector even gained an access to the archives of the company in Munich.

Among the exhibits of the collection there will be exposed such a rarities as the BMW R32, 1932 (it is expected to be sold for 30 to 40 thousand pounds sterling), as many as two motorcycles BMW R42, one made in 1926, another - in 1927 (they are estimated at 18-22 and 17-20 thousand pounds, respectively). There is also a bike BMW R47 1927 (estimated at 20-25 thousand pounds). Among the other pre-war models - R16, made in 1930 and R17, made in 1936 (15-18 and 12-16 thousand pounds, respectively).

There are also some models of the war years, including those, that were used by the Nazis in the African campaign, as well as a large number of post-war vehicles of the Bavarian brand.

The auction will be held by the Bonhams auction house at the Museum of BMW in Munich by the end of 2011.




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