Definition of Retina Display


Not everretina-displayyone is familiar with the term of “Retina Display”. Then too people are using it increasing in their daily lives now. This is Apple marketing term used for monitors as well as devices having such high pixel density as well as resolution that from a viewing normal distance it is hard to distinguish them for a person. Normally these monitors or devices have more than 300 pixels in an inch. This is much higher than normal ones. Debut of this Retina Display of Apple took place in 2011 in iPhone 4S. This Retina Display had 960*460 pixels in a single screen. This is actually four times more than normal i.e. 326 pixels in a single inch.

iPhone 4 contains Apple’s “Retina Display”. In this iPhone 4, they have built 326 pixels /inch whereas viewing capacity of human eye is 300 pixels/inch. Due to this Retina Display, images as well as texts look same as printed high quality version and smooth.

In 2012, new iPad with Retina Display of 2048*1536 resolutions was released. Soon to be released, ‘Mac Book Air notebooks’ as well as ‘Mac Book Pro’ in 2012 are supposed to have 2880*1880 resolutions screen Retina Display. With new architecture of Bridge processor, Intel is trying to make Retina Display in ‘Windows 8 tablets’ and laptops a reality. With this new technology, video quality is becoming very much smooth and of high quality.



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