The most unusual museums

Coming to the new places, tourists rush to see all possible attractions, visit museums, explore the exhibits. However, some museums are absolutely unique, they are not even  similar to our usual common idea of a museum. "Travel for Life" identified the most bizarre museum collections from all over the the world.


The Shin - Yokohama Raumen Museum (Yokohama, Japan)

In this museum visitors are going to witness the whole history of the instant noodles, from the earliest times. The extensive collection includes the antique packaging of all colors and shapes, chopsticks, bowls, cups and even the restored dish for noodles, that belonged to the famous samurai family of the XVII century.


museum 1


Museum of ventriloquism (Fort Mitchell, Kentucky)

The world's only museum, that is dedicated to the art of ventriloquism. Here you can find hundreds of "talking" dolls, puppets and dummies of different sizes, which once entertained (or frighten) children. This museum is open from May to September. According to the workers of the museum, no dolls became alive yet.


museum 2


Museum of anomalies (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The museum, which is a branch of the Philadelphian Medical College, was founded in 1850 for the passage of the anatomical practice by the future physicians. Amazing and a bit frightening collection of this kind of "cabinet of curiosities" is still a subject of a great scientific interest. Thousands of visitors can see deformed skeletons and skulls, pictures of people with severe physical disabilities, brain samples of dozens of different animals, organs with distinct pathologies and many other "delicious" pieces.


museum 3


Museum of hashish (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

If there was no ongoing debates about the dangers and the benefits of marijuana, as well as about the prohibitions and legalization, then it probably would have been an ordinary museum of the history of agriculture. In the Hash Museum, located in the famous "red light district", you can learn everything about how to grow marijuana and it's long history, including history of legalization. And as a souvenir you can buy yourself a hemp of seeds.


museum 4


International Museum of Cryptozoology (Portland, Maine)

Cryptozoology is the science devoted to a focused search for animals whose existence is not proved or it is considered impossible in the area and / or at a given time (for example the Loch Ness monster, the Bigfoot, etc.). In cryptozoology, the species whose existence is not proved, so those species are located in the "hidden" state, are called cryptides. The museum was founded in 2003 by the cryptozoologists L. Coleman. Among the exhibits there is also a "dummy" Yeti, weighting two hundred fifty pounds.


museum 5


This unusual museum is located right in the house of an expert and it is open only by the appointment, so it is strongly recommended first to phone the owner.




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