Uninstall Windows 7 Programs


It is awin-7 fundamental skill to know process of uninstalling program in Windows in right way. Dragging any unwanted program in Recycle Bin causes various problems such as system instability. This instability is caused due to fact that program’s little bits always are left behind.

There are many reasons due to which a person might want to uninstall a particular program. Primary reason for uninstalling any program is that program stops working correctly. Sometimes it works smoothly in starting but is corrupted with time. Contrarily, it might have problems from time of installation itself. Other reasons for removing a program might be need of hard disk’s free space or one might not have any use of that particular program any more. Reason might be anything, but what one needs to remember is that program uninstalling is different in Windows 7 from in Windows XP or Windows Vista. Below given is Windows 7 uninstalling program step-by-step guide.


1. Terminology of Windows 7 OS


At first, one needs to click on “Start” button. After that on menu’s right-hand side, one needs to click on “Control Panel”. Through this click, Control Panel comes up. This Control Panel is different from preceding Windows Oss. In shown above space, find “Programs and features” menu item. In preceding Windows Oss, it was known by name of “Add or Remove Programs”. It leads many people to confusion. Open it by clicking on it.


2. Find Program to be deleted


After activation “Programs and Features”, one just needs to be patient. It builds installed programs list. Time that it will need depends on system’s speed. For example, if one wants to uninstall “TrackIR5”, then one need to choose program’s name and click on button of “Uninstall” that is placed on top of menu.


3. Uninstalling confirmation


From this step, things get different. Few programs have own routine of uninstalling whereas Windows 7 has their own built-in routine. In Windows method, first a pop-up asks for file deletion confirmation as well as “all of its components”. One just needs to click on button of Ok.

In case, it uses built-in installer then it takes user through a steps series. One just needs to remember that in many cases all components as well as programs might be removed.


4. Program removal confirmation


After finishing of uninstall, one just needs to check that program is entirely gone. This is done by going back on “Programs and Features”.
If a program is deleted just because of it going corrupt with passing time, then a user can again install it and see that whether or not it acts perfectly. All these steps help one in uninstalling any unwanted and unnecessary programs lingering in their systems without any purpose.



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