Tips and tricks for windows media player 11

Clearing History

Often, users may not wish to provide information about the music they hear or videos they watch to other individuals. This is possible by clearing the history using the privacy tab located in the Options menu. Users can disable the save file and URL history tab in the windows media player.


Rolling Back the WMP

If windows media player 11 is not appropriate, the XP users can move back to the previous version. This is done by accessing the change or remove tab that can be found in the Add/Remove program tab from the control panel. All you need to do is follow the instructions to delete version 11.


Watching DivX Movie

Some users may want to view DivX movies, which include the 1080i and 1080p HD versions. These individuals will have to install the code. The codec can be downloaded from the Internet to modify the media player to a DivX player.


Enabling the Radio

The windows media player version 11 hides the internet radio from the users. This can be found by clicking on the down arrow located beneath the online stores button. Selecting the media guide, users can click the Internet Radio tab to find the option.




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