New Features of Mac OS Lion - Security

One of the important developments in the new version is the company’s focus on improved security measures that prevent the machine from crashing and threatened with any malicious attack. The Sand boxing function (which is the division of the advantages for every process to prevent its coercion in some other feature that crashes the application) has been available since the launch of Leopard. Presently, the developers provide the feature; however, it will become compulsory in the future versions that are sold through the Mac Apps Store. File Vault is encrypted with faster speeds at the disk levels instead of the file levels. Moreover, this can be encrypted completely with Time Machine back-up systems, which is a big improvement. However, ensure you do not lose the password.



Each update of the Mac OS has several advantages and disadvantages; however, the LION 10.7 is witnessing some of the most significant updates. Similar to other updates, the developers will require certain amount of time to become acquainted with the new developments. Nonetheless, Apple is making plenty of efforts using its own applications to show the numerous possibilities. Its cost is only ISD 29 and a large number of people have already downloaded the new version since its launch. We now await iOS5 and iCloud to complete the circuit.



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