Top 10 most expensive watches

Even the most expensive brands have some certain exclusive models. They are so expensive, that for the purchase one may not have enough lifetime to collect the necessary amount of money. Surprisingly, such a little thing like a watch, can sometimes cost more than the most fancy and luxury car. Here we introduce you the Top 10 most expensive watches in the world - prices for this little things can drive anyone crazy!


The list will be opened by the pocket watch Breguet 1907BA/12 for 734 000 dollars. This tourbillon with the mechanical winding, made of 18-carat gold, was created by the best masters of the prestigious brand. The mechanism and a clock face are decorated with the hand-made engraving, crown is rotating in two directions. Case diameter - 56.5 mm.


breguet 1907 ba 12


To collect all 740 components of the classic elegant watch Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication the watch masters had to work for more than 10 months. This watch with the automatic winding are placed in a platinum casing with a diameter 31.5 mm and with 44 stones. This wrist watch is equipped with the perpetual calendar (date, day of week, month, leap year, moon phases), split chronograph with two second hands and a minute repeater. The cost of this watch is 800 000 dollars and it is taking the 9th place in the ranking.


blancpain 1735


Watches Louis Moinet Magistralis (8th place) for 860 000 dollars are remarkable with the fact that in their body there is placed a piece of a real Lunar meteorite whose age is estimated to be 2000 years. This outstanding watch, covered with 18-karat gold, is equipped with a minute repeater, perpetual calendar and a chronograph. No use to wonder about the price for this watch because of all the meteorites that fall to Earth, the meteorites from the Moon are among the most rare and expensive - in fact, they are more expensive than both: gold and platinum together.


louis moinet magistralis


Hublot Black Caviar Bang - one of the few watches, that have managed to reach the mark price of one million dollars, and the presence in the ranking of most expensive watches in 7th place of honor. Their high cost is due to the presence of a very rare black diamonds, which - in number of 322 pieces - are covering the body, that is made of white gold. Black, polished to a seductive gloss, gems densely cover the watch, shining on the head of winding and on the facet.


hublot black caviar bang


The total weight of diamonds, that were used in the creation of Chopard Super Ice Cube, which took the 6th place in the rankings, is 66 carats. This watch have nothing to do with modesty, restraint and elegance. Rather elaborate than restrained and luxurious, outwardly they resemble a piece of ice, shimmering in the summer sun. However, the ice would have cost much less expensive: the price of this watch is 1.1 million dollars.


chopard super ice cube


The watches, made by Swiss brand Patek Philippe very often can be seen in the list of the most expensive watches in the world. Sky Moon Tourbillon, that got on the 5th place of rankings, maybe is not the most expensive model of the famous brand, but certainly has a reputation of the most complicated. The price for this watch riches 1.3 million dollars, they have two dials, perpetual calendar, retrograde date, time zone and moon phase indicator.


sky moon tourbillon


Despite the complexity of the previous watch, the most difficult model in the world is deservedly regarded the Vacheron Constantin Tour de l'Ile, consisting of 834 tiny pieces. The watch shows two time zones, time of sunset, have a perpetual calendar and astronomical indicator of the night sky. The price is also almost astronomical - 1.5 million dollars (and the 4th place on the list).


vacheron constantin tour


Another, ultra-expensive model from Patek Philippe - watch Platinum World Time, are opening the Top Three of the most expensive watches in the world. Estimated at as much as 4 million dollars, this watch became the most expensive model in 2002. They work on the self-winding mechanism, showing the time in 24 time zones. Despite it's complexity, this watch is made exquisitely and was known as an unusually reliable.


platinum world time


The famous house Patek Phillipe can be truly proud of it's creation - the Supercomplication, because by this superior model can be measured the quality and experience of the Swiss company. Chronometer was made in 1932 by the order of Henry Graves, a New York banker and collector of expensive watches, who wished to possess the most technically complicated watch in the world. It will be quite enough to say that for the implementing of such a complicated order the watch masters had to spend as much as 5 years. As a result, there came the watch with not less than 900 parts, with the body covered with 18-karat gold and silver-plated dial. This watch now occupy the 2nd place in the ranking. One of the most interesting advantages of these watch with 24 different functions - the night sky in the window of the dial looks exactly like from the window of the family home of Henry Graves in New York (you can see all the stars and the Milky Way). At the same time there is one more interesting function - the watch shows the exact time of the sunrise and sunset in New York.


patek philippe supercomplication


And the most expensive watches were created by the watch masters from the cult brand Chopard, which combines the achievements of watchmaking and jewelry. The wrist-watch, which the company released on the eve of 2008 - is one of the most extravagant ideas that have ever been born in the minds of watchmakers. The incredible amount of money must be payed for that "mountain" of diamonds that are covering the small face of this watch, that is hidden in the middle. The three main gems are in the shape of the heart - white, red and blue. The total weight of heart-shaped diamonds is 38 carats, while the weight of all stones inlaid into the watch is 200 carats. It should be noted that this accessory is not only crazy-expensive, but also stylish, and one can hardly imagine a woman, that would be able to refuse from such a gift.


chopard diamond




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