New Features of Mac OS Lion - Movements, Scrolling, Launchpad

Movements and Scrolling

The iPhone and iPad generation devices iOS hits users with its mouse movements while using the device. The new LION uses the opposite scroll movements. You got that right, if you are now using a scroll wheel mouse, touchpad, or the Apple touch screen Magic Mouse, the web pages will scroll in the other direction. Users comfort greatly depends on their convenience with the iPhone or iPad devices. Similar to these gadgets, users now grab the page and move it in the up and down directions instead of the web page windows. Another feature is the non-existence of the scroll bars, actually scrollbars that pop up only when activated or when users are rolling over to the page’s end. When you access a web page with a hidden scroll bar, the pop up is activated to make the users aware and then recede in the background.


mac os x lion multi touch


The company ensures that users are acquainted with the new system within a few days and would not want to revert back. We also agree with their assessment. Nonetheless, the Lion System Preferences provide users great flexibility with these aspects within the platform in addition to hosting new tap and swipe movements, which are available and with the possibility to revert to the old method of scrolling you used a couple of days back.




mac os lion launchpadSeveral non-experienced Mac users find it difficult to search for their required applications. Moreover, if they do not remain in the Dock may soon forget their location. The Launchpad feature is a technique to reduce such an instance and is a straight way to get to the home page from the iOS. Launched directly through the Dock or through the hot key Launchpad, the features displays every launchable application on the screen from the applications folder. Similar to the iOS, users are able to arrange their applications and bring them across to create various folders that are provided with names. Moreover, users are able to remove the applications brought from the Apps Store.

Just like on iOS it actually becomes quite a chore re-arranging your apps into a logical system if you have built up a reasonable collection. If you are a Mac veteran it becomes impossible since your applications folder will be full of all sorts of big apps, little apps, Applescript droplets and various bit and bobs that you just know you will use one day. Launchpad is one of those Apple things that works great for a new user for a couple of months and then is never seen again.




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