Changing the location of My Docs in Windows

Have you just purchased a new machine with Windows 7/Vista installed and not many other applications? This is a good chance to rectify some errors in the incorrect file structures of the machine.

Personally, I prefer saving the not pre-installed programs within a division and use the C drive to maintain the pre-installed programs files. This enables me to separate the media, such as music, videos, and pictures from the drive that contains the OS. This lets me format the system drives quickly and easily while not requiring to create heavy back-ups for the media files.

Windows default is contrary to this partition and sets up the My Docs folder within the C drive. Formerly, I refused to acknowledge the existence of the My Docs folder and created my personal file systems.

Because several program file utilize this location as the default storing location for some information, moreover, certain games utilize the location for saving its files, leads to a complicated file system structure. This structure leads to half the information being stored on one media drive and the other half in the systems drive. This is highly inconvenient.

However, as mentioned a new machine provides new options. I tried looking for methods to relocate the location of My Docs (referred to as Docs in Vista machines). After finding the solution, I was surprised at its simplicity and disappointed of not having it earlier.

To modify the storage location, you need to do the following:

  1. Clicking the start tab, move the mouse over My Docs (Docs in 7/Vista). Right click the folder to access the properties tab.
  2. Click the target icon (XP machines) and location (in 7/Vista machines). From here you can easily modify the location to your preferred location.
  3. While selecting through the regular files/folders tab, select the Find Target tab. Alternatively to move the My Docs to another area, select Move and choose the new area.
  4. If you want to restore the actual settings, just select Restore Defaults tab.




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