Grading your coins - continued


After this, many other grading systems were introduced. Some of these systems were highly perceived compared to the others.

For example, an Anacs-MS-65 coin may be of a different value compared to the PCGS-MS-65 coin. This problem caused a large amount of confusion in the coin industry, regarding the original grade of the coin. Coins of lower grade in one system were coins of a higher grade in the other, leaving the collectors in a state of total confusion.

One of the contenders, the Compugrade tried to resolve this problem by removing the human beings from the grading system and using the computer to grade the coins. But later on this method became very less demanded, as the consistency of the grading with computers varied irregularly.

At that time, it was difficult to picture the introduction of more precise grading systems, but it has become a reality and has already been introduced into the coin industry. Very specific grading systems such as the Full Bell Lines (FBL) for the Franklin Half Dollars, Fully Split Bands (FSB) for the Mercury Dimes, 5 and 6 step Jefferson Nickels, Full Head (FH) for Standing Liberty Quarters etc came into existence. The distinctions for proof coinage came like Cameo, Deep Cameo, Ultra Cameo etc.

Most of the collectors bid on coins based on the population rarity of the coins, which can be obtained from the news published by the various grading services. They check both the rarity and the other factors that affect the value of the coins before buying them. It can never be predicted which of the grading systems would the collectors find to be the best, and which would stay or fade off, only the time can determine the answer for it.

Considering so many factors and so many grading services to choose from, it is actually a bit too difficult for any average collector to make his own valuable collection. The common public will not even understand all the grading systems and scales used by the coin industry. The best options you can get are the books about such grading services and even websites, which can offer you more information about such services and about how to grade your coins.




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