Backing up Skype chat logs history with Windows and Mac

Skype provides archiving facilities for your chat sessions while storing these on the machine’s hard drive provided users enable the option.

The Skype network does not store the chat sessions at any other locations, which ensures that no one except the individuals between whom the conversation happens are able to view the file. Skype provides this convenient option of storing chat sessions to enable users the benefit of tracking their conversations.

Users can enable and disable the option by visiting Skype, Preferences, and Chat. From here, users can choose their preferred chat history settings.

While installing a different operating system, or when you change from your present system to another system, you will need to conserve or shift the chat histories to the other location. Below we provide stepwise instructions for users to take the backup of Skype information and chat session histories.


Backing up manually

Backing up you Skype chat sessions and other chatting histories is a simple task. Users must search for the folder that is used to store this messenger information and then copy the folder to another location that can be accessed at a later period. Users can view the information folder in the preferences or options menu on the messenger. However, Skype uses different folders to store this information for users who use Windows XP and Windows 7. Therefore, you must find the location according to the OS used by you.


For Windows XP, the chat history files are located at the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\your_windows_username\Application Data\Skype\


Users with Windows 7 can view the files at:



From any of the above locations, you can copy the files to another safe location. You can then restore these files after you have reinstalled the application.


Location of data files for Mac machines

When the option is enabled by users, Skype archives the chats to the local drive on the machine. When backing up your chat history, you will be able to locate the files in a folder bearing the same name that is used as username for your Skype account under “username/Library/Skype”




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