Collectors Communities All Over the World

People all over the world share a love for collecting things. Whether they are serious collectors or just hobbyists who do it for fun, people collect anything from coins, paper money, currencies, and stamps to antique cameras, watches and books. Many people spend a great deal of money for collectible items that they want.

The Internet has made it easier for collectors to expand their search area for the items they collect. It is a one big marketplace for collectors from all over. Because of it, collectors have access to markets in other countries and areas in the comfort of their homes.

The Internet has also made it possible for these collectors to form online communities and get in touch with other collectors in other areas. They can share experiences and exchange information with other collectors and they can easily trade items as well as sell collectibles. Internet websites like eBay also let these collectors find the best deals out there.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of collector communities around the world. There are even communities for bug collectors.

Here are three of the most interesting collector communities:


Antique Doorknob Collectors

Believe it or not, there is a group of people out there who collect antique doorknobs. They love collecting doorknobs with unique and intricate designs.

The best antique doorknobs are those that were designed and made in Italy. They come in different designs and prices. Some have special features like automatic locking mechanisms. Some have the best built while some come with intricately designed matching keys. Some have keys that weigh as much as 20lbs! Some may even cost up to thousands of dollars.

The cost of each depends on several factors like rarity, durability, age, special features, and historical importance.


Comic Book Collectors

Comic books are among the most popular collectible items today. There are over a million comic book collectors worldwide. Many of them started their collection when they were kids, some began when companies like Marvel and DC started publishing and printing them.

Two of the most popular and highly coveted collectible comic books in the market are the first edition of Superman and the first edition of Batman. Both are DC comics.

When collecting comic books, such factors like time of publication, price, grade, edition, condition (mint or used), are considered. The rarity of the comic book is another huge factor. The rarer the comic book, the more expensive it is.

Comic book collection is highly popular for many reasons. One of those reasons is many people are subconsciously trying to keep a part of their childhood in them. Another reason is because comic books are about heroes and their daring adventures and people love the chance to play the hero.


Watch Collectors

There are also communities of watch collectors. These collectors are always looking for the rare and specially designed watches. They love those watches with complex designs and those laced with special stones and gems.

Watches, to them, are a reminder that a person can do anything when he sets his mind to it.




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