Mac OS Lion - iCal, Address Book, AirDrop

iCal/Address Book

Although, the iCal and Address Book functions have been modified in the updated LION, this is one functionality where the iOS adoption is not beneficial. The company maintains a deep skeuomorphic design for the two applications, which is appropriately logical for iPhone and iPad. However, the functionality does not have any meaning on the non-touch enormity of the Desktop monitors. These two functions work with their normal expectations along with extra features. However, these features as leather, cloth, and torn paper looks seem extremely illogical.

Several users would prefer if Apple is able to provide some power packed generalized purpose database and functions for time management that would be advantageous for the Address Book and iCal functionalities. Unluckily, most users remain focused on only the applications. Address Book provides users the fields for Twitter and various profiles on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. iCal is provided with the new feature of an annual view that displays the busiest days in red and amber colors while the non-busy days are displayed in white.



The new AirDrop feature is quite an useful function within a busy official situation. Users click on the AirDrop folder within the Finder side bar and almost each of the closely located Mac with Wi-Fi connection will appear. Users may not be using the same network too. Users can drag the files on any of the Mac machines and a conversation box appears asking for confirmation to receive the file as a pop up window on the user’s desktop.




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