Watch Collection - Extra Comments and tips

The price of a watch and its resale value is something that is unpredictable. You cannot be sure about which price would go up or which would come down.

Some of the prime factors that affect the price of watches are the brand, the quality, the equity of the brand, the movement rarity, the country in which it was manufactured, the number of similar watches available, the presence of valuable stones in the watch, the history of the watch and finally its demand in the market. But the thumb rule in selecting the watch for your watch collection is to buy the one you like, without considering its price or resale value. Else later on if you try to sell the watch you dislike, and you are not successful, you will be left with a watch you do not wish to keep!

One of the major factors that affect the resale value and also the fame of a watch is the number of similar watches available in the market. If this number is very less, the resale value will be pretty high. Such watches that are of limited edition, are manufactures by the companies in small groups, may be groups of 100 or 500. But limited edition doesn’t mean that the whole industry has only that many watches. It just means that only those many numbers of watches were issued in a particular year. In the next year, more of this model watches will be produced!


Right Places to Buy Watches

The Authorized Dealer (AD) shops are the best places to look for if you want to buy good quality watches for your watch collection. Pre-owned dealers with good reputation, watch forums etc are also good places to search for quality watches. When going for pre-owned watches the advantage is that their prices will be lower than the normal retail price in the market. But here, one cannot be sure about the working condition of the watch and its movements. Getting a second hand watch is not a bad idea for some people but some others do not like that idea. If you are approaching the AD shops, you will find new watches with warranty that assures you that the money you spent has not been wasted.

As a Conclusion, we can say that selecting your watch is just like checking out for a new car or a new house. You need to give it some time and check out all the possible good and bad of each brand, and also consider what you like and what you don’t. The world of Horology is waiting for you; be a part of it with a watch that satisfies your eyes as well as your heart!




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